Tuesday, March 31, 2009

book sighting!

As I've mentioned before, I'm a nerd when I'm not not a struggling, casual CrossFitter. This weekend I went to San Francisco to watch The Passion of El Hulk Hogancito at the Bayanihan Community Center. The show was part of the Kularts programming. Attached to the community center is Arkipelago Bookstore, where you can get your nerdy fill of Filipino and Filipino American books and such. When we walked in, Margaret asked if I knew if my book was there. I told her I didn't know. Then lo and behold, I turn to the social science section and what do I find... Hollla! (Insert image of me poppin' my collar here.) I was so jazzed to see my book there! Margaret even went to the guy behind the register and said, "Hey! Do you want these copies signed?!" It was pretty funny. Anyway, kudos to Arkipelago for carrying my stuff. It really means a lot.

Also, this coming weekend is the last time you can catch The Passion. You should definitely watch it!

Run 1.1 miles
Prep for WOD
Deciding what we're going to do for "Theme Thursday"

CrossFit One World WOD
Complete the following for time:
Run 200m
21 deadlifts 123#
21 jumping pull-ups
Run 400m
15 deadlifts
15 jumping pull-ups
Run 800m
9 jumping deadlifts
9 pull-ups

Joanne's Final Time - 19:58

Notes (to myself) about this workout: This was a great WOD, which Eric helped design. I liked that we were really trying to focus more on form and less on time. I was happy with my jumping pull-ups and wish that I were a bit stronger so I could move to a different box or bar. This is where patience comes in. I'm not big on the deadlift, but tonight it felt good.

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