Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This is an ode and shout out to Freddy Camacho, my Fit-to-Fight intructor at One World Martial Arts. Yesterday morning we were doing an upper body medicine ball drill. When we were on round SEVEN of TEN (arms/schoulders burning and aching in PAIN), Freddy miscounted and said we were on our sixth round.

His miscalculation summoned the evil witch inside me and I blurted:

The others (including Freddy) burst in laughter. The drill continued.

Thank heaven Freddy and the other folks I train with have a good sense of humor. (Or I could be reading this completely wrong. Eric did call me a potty mouth and Czar just looked stunned... then frightened.)


Sunday, June 11, 2006

athletically fat

I just need to own up to it. I'm fat. I'm fat. I'm FAT. I think I'm having a hard time owning up to it because I'm very active (at least more active than most). I average at least 6-8 hours of workout time a week, which consist of: spinning, running, krav maga, yoga, and boxing/circuit training. I'm not just active, I do the hard stuff.

But at the same time I'm fat. I'm fat. I'm FAT. While I normally wouldn't mind, I'm realizing that I really need to pay attention to this. (Well, this extra mound of flesh around my tummy reminds me that I need to pay attention to this.) Actually, my last doctor appointment went very well. My blood sugars are good, considering I'm a diabetic. Cholesterol levels are under 100, and my blood pressure has always been a-okay. Odd to most considering I'm fat. fat. FAT.

Anyway... in my quest to owning my fat, I'm creating a new category of fat. It's called athletically fat. This is for those who, like me are fat. fat. FAT, but can still kick ass with the best of them. I've thought of other terms such as sportiliciously fat, healthy-yet-fat, and yeah, so what if I'm fat? I can still kick your ass motherfu@*er! - fat. But none resonate as nicely as athletically fat.

So who's with me on this new category? Any takers?! All those in favor say aye!