Monday, February 22, 2010

battle of the booty: lulu vs. lucy

The hatha power pant by Lucy.

The groove pant by lululemon.

Everyone I know goes ga-ga over lululemon. I think it's a CrossFit thing. Also, when Freddy declares that lululemons make your ass look great, how can you not want a pair of lululemon workout pants? Personally, I own two pairs of lulu capri pants that I managed to get at a great markdown. (Even the sales lady was shocked at how inexpensive they were!) In fact, that's how I manage to get anything at lululemon. Completely marked down, completely by chance. I don't think my pants make my ass look special. But that's because I don't have the groove pant that everyone raves about. I've tried them on and yes, they are magical. The compression smoothes out the cellulite and lifts the butt. But at $98 a pair, it's a tough buy for me. Granted, lulus are worth the money because they'll alter the pant as needed. Plus, they're a quality product. In fact, I LOVE all their products because they're thoughtfully designed!

However, I wanted to draw your attention to another store that I think is under-rated: Lucy. They have stores in Santana Row and Standford Shopping Center. Like lululemon, lucy is an athletic store (unfortunately, they don't have a men's line). I don't think lucy is as popular, but they're a definite gem. If you're looking for the booty-lifting effect of lulus, then I say check out the power hatha pant and the new perfect core pant by lucy. They're a little less expensive ($88/$98 respectively). This weekend I tried on both lucy pants and read some online reviews. The pants fit great. Personally, I prefer the hatha pant because I like a lower rise. The compression on both pants are great (there seems to be more compression with the perfect core pant). Though lucy doesn't do alterations like lulu (lulu will do alterations on sale items for no charge!) does, their pants do come in lengths! Also, people have been complaining about the pilling and linting that happens with lulus. The lucy pants don't have this issue. Woot!

Here's the BIG PLUS... if you go to the lucy website and sign up for their mailing list, they'll regularly send you discount coupons. Right now, they're running a 20% discount on all regular-priced merchandise. (Contact me with your email if you want the code.) Also, their sales are much better than lulu because lucy sales feel like actual sales! (lulu shoppers know what I'm talking about!)

Don't get me wrong, I still love lululemon. I think it's a great brand and a great company. However, if you like high quality and need a little more bang for your buck, then I highly recommend you check out lucy!

Row 500 meters

CrossFit One World WOD
Squat 4 sets x 2 reps @ 90% of your one rep max
Note: As usual, I read this wrong. Using 165#, I my sets looked like this: 5/2/2

Press 5x5 @ 65% of your one rep max
Note: I used a 50# weight.

Conditioning: "Air Force"
Complete the following for time: 20 thrusters/20 sumo deadlift high pulls/20 push jerks/20 overhead squats/ 20 front squats. At the beginning of every minute, you must do 4 burpees. 53#

Joanne's Final Time - 20:50

Notes (to myself) about this workout: Air Force sucked! I did okay with the first three movements. I think I rested somewhere in there. When it came to the OH squats, I did sets of 5 with a one minute rest in between. By the time I got to front squats, I did those last three sets with only two burpees. It was killer, but I wouldn't mind doing it again just to see if I got stronger.

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