Monday, August 23, 2010

fit for all

This is what I wish the Dove ad looked like (but with some shades of caramel and chocolate thrown in... just sayin'). I stumbled upon this image from a website called Club Round Clubhouse For Round People - Big Beautiful Women (BBW), Big Handsome Men (BHM), and Admirers.  That's pretty awesome!

Admittedly, being fat and fit is a constant struggle for me. In many ways, I'm the poster child for all those anti-fat people because well, I'm fat. I have type II diabetes. The combination alone makes me responsible for all the ills of the country's health problems. Though I CrossFit, eat as healthy as I can, and handle my diabetes, all this is cancelled out because I'm fat. I can't say blame anti-fat people for their ignorance. If I spent my life in constant hunger, hating food and the people who love to eat, I'd be anti-fat too! However, as the goddess of this blog, I have always been a proponent of health at every size. This is why I feel compelled to share a few things with you. This story, which addresses the age old can you be fat and fit question was just posted on yahoo news. In short, the answer is yes. You can be fat and fit (eat that anti-fat folks). You can also be thin and unhealthy. I've heard the term skinny fat before, but the article describes such people as "lean obese."

Another article of interest is this one from the Huffington Post. It goes over why cheap food (such as those $1 value meals at your local fast food joint) will actually cost you more money in the long run. The points in the article make a lot of sense. Though I'm guilty of indulging in a $1 meal or two, I've recently tried to come up with strategies to avoid the fast food rut. Don't laugh. But when faced with desires to visit the golden arches, I say this to myself: I will not eat my own oppression. Meaning, I will no longer contribute to my slow death. Surprisingly, it works.

Today's Small Victories
Of course, I made it to the gym. Also, I've been doing really great at consuming those green smoothies!

Three rounds of:
Run 200 meters
15 jump squats (um, yeah, give or take a few of those jump squats)

CrossFit One World WOD
Press 5x5 at 65#

One cycle is three rounds for time of:
3 front squats 95#
6 clapping push-ups (modified)
9 knees to elbows (modified)
Rest 90 seconds and repeat for a total of three cycles.

Joanne's Final Time - 3:46 / 4:06 / 4:16

Notes (to myself) about this workout: The press was challenging, but I'm getting used to the hip swing to help drive the weight up. In terms of the conditioning portion, I hate clapping push-ups (or any other exercise that reminds me that the girls weigh me down way too much). My main goal was to lift some good weight on the front squat, which I did. My other goal was to make sure I held on to the bar for the knees to elbows. I can't quite get my knees to my elbows (because my tummy is in my way), but gripping the bar is a big thing for me. A year or so ago I could hardly do these!


Lyn C said...

Hey J-Ro! I convinced myself that I am "lean obese." lol I'm still having a hard time with the knees to elbows as well because my tummy gets in the way. I will get to it pretty soon. What is that green smoothies you are having & where do you get it? I also want to know what is your post workout meal?

j-ro said...

Hi Lyn,

I'm so glad that you and Lyn2 (which is how I will differentiate you both) made it to dinner last night:)

As for the green smoothies, I recently invested in a Vitamix - one of those super duper more than a blender blender. I bought it because I buy lots of greens at the farmers market, but they tend to go to waste because I run out of ideas on how to eat greens, get lazy, and am not that big on salads (it's a mood thing for me). Since I bought it, I've been drinking two green smoothies per day. Here is what each smoothie consists of:

- 2 cups fresh greens (I like to use neutral greens like chard, kale, and spinach; sometimes I do beets and include the green tops; I also do carrots with the tops if the mood strikes me)

- 1 cup frozen fruit (I try to do half blueberries and half something else because Costco sells the frozen organic stuff. However, I am going to change it up a bit to take advantage of in-season fruit)

- water

- protein powder

- Omega 3 fish oil (Right now I'm using Carlson's orange flavored fil oil)

I simply blend and drink. It's not Jamba Juice, but it's definitely tastier and more filling than I expected. If the taste of greens really bother me, I add liquid stevia for sweetness. However, I find it's not totally necessary because the fruit cuts the green taste. Um, the smoothies aren't pretty. They're green, sometimes brown... you get the picture.

I'll do a post on the green smoothies at some point:)

j-ro said...

Whoops! I forgot to mention my post-workout meal. I usually train at night so after the WOD and some chit-chat with the gals, I'm usually home by 9pm. By then, I'm tired and lazy, so I don't really eat much post-workout. Some nights the gals and I grab a protein style burger from In-n-Out. Other than that, I try to eat a piece of cheese or something leftover in my fridge. Other nights I don't eat anything at all, and just drink water. It's not very good considering post-wod nutrition is pretty important. I just haven't figured out what works yet. Any suggestions?

Also, I haven't been hungry post-WOD lately because I try to drink a smoothie an hour before the WOD. I find this helps me maintain some energy during the WOD.

Hope this info helps!

Nakin said...

I hope you don't mind -- I blogged the photo and your caption on my tumblr and they have generated 1800 notes.

j-ro said...

Oh no. I don't mind at all. I'm kinda flattered you linked this. I was wondering why traffic was so high on this post. Thanks:)

Nakin said...

To this day, 8,108 notes! o_O
... have you ever thought about starting a Tumblr Blog?? ;)

j-ro said...

Oh my! That's a lot of hits! Yes, I have a tumblr blog that I just started. It still needs work but here's the addy: Enjoy!

Alex Turner said...

Got here by way on Pinterest. This is so right on. I am larger myself, and I can outpace most of the other people I work with. I do yoga (and at my size, I can guarantee it's one hell of a work out), walk, swim, play racket sports for a couple of hours at a time at full pelt. My resting pulse is a place where some athletes would like to be, but I'm considered obese. I like exercising, I love yoga, but, I also love Toblerone too :D. I'll have my cake, eat it, and then go swim a mile just because I want to, not because I'm guilty about the cake, because moving my body makes me feel better all around.

j-ro said...

Fantastic! Love hearing stories like this. Many thanks for stopping by, Alex! Yes, yoga is way harder than most people think it is. Keep it up:)