Wednesday, April 14, 2010

why did i get married...

Recently, I made my way over to Union Landing to watch Why Did I Get Married Too? It's only the second time I've gone to watch a film alone. Admittedly, I kinda like it and wish I did it more often. If you saw the first film, I'll say that this one is actually better. Talk all the s--t you want about Tyler Perry. Granted, I'm not too high on the Madea and the Browns films/TV shows. However, I do like this dramatic stuff - especially the Why Did I Get Married? series. Romantic relationships are complicated. They take work and a willingness to commit to making it work. I like the complexity that he presents in these films.

Granted, I'm not married. But the beauty of being single is that you get to fantasize what the ideal relationship will be like. In turn, I'm hoping that all this day dreaming will come to life (smirk). I know that the cornerstone to any relationship (be it romantic or otherwise) is communication. This definitely holds true in the films. If you get a moment, do watch!

Another reason why I love this film series is because I LOVE Janet Jackson. I've been a fan for as long as I can remember. Here's her new video for "Nothing," a new single from the film.

Today's Small Victories
I'm made it to the gym!

Row 500 meters
25 Abmat sit-ups

CrossFit One World WOD
Press: Two rounds of 5 reps: 45/50/55

Complete five rounds for time of: 15 dumbell hang power clean & jerks; 72' bear crawl
Joanne's Final Time - 11:25

Back Squat: Two rounds of 5 reps: 70/85/105
Deadlift: Two rounds of 5 reps: 95/115/140 (one set)

Notes (to myself) about this workout: I've been out of commission because I was out of town and life is just crazy. Luckily, I'm back. It's slow, but I'm getting back! Because I've been out of commission, I've also missed out on blogging. There are about 2-3 WODs I didn't record from the past week or so. Bleh.