Tuesday, November 29, 2005

holiday reunions

The rain has been making it difficult for me to want to run these days. I'm still shooting for the half marathon in February, but my training schedule is off. Oh well...

I hope everyone's holiday was great. Mine was pretty decent. On Sunday we had a reunion of sorts with my cousins, who I haven't seen since I was 12 years old! It's funny because this reunion is actually runbu-related. Earlier this year, Coach Alex and Coach Rex ran into my cousin Cha-Cha at a family gathering (quite a small world we live in). Through them I connected with Cha during my nephew Ian's baptism (you remember the fierce Ian-saurus Rex from a few postings ago). Since then, we've kept in touch. Cha and her siblings Din-Din, Bing-Bing and A-A (yes, we are a Filipino family who abides by Filipino naming rules: pick a sound and repeat twice; that sound will be your new nick name) were in town for a high school band reunion this weekend. This is how we were able to meet up with my long, lost family over some yummy dim sum. Unfortunately, their younger sibling Anjoo wasn't there, neither was their mom, my Auntie Gigi. Anjoo and Auntie were in LA taking care of the kids. We're hoping to have a bigger and more proper reunion sometime in the near future. Until then, here are some photos. Enjoy!

P.S. I just wanted to give Coach Rex and Coach Alex a big THANK YOU for reconnecting me with my family. It's been great catching up with them.

The Kids (sans Anjoo): Bing, Cha, Ian, A-A and Din.

This is me with my brother Gerry and cousin Bing.

The whole clan. Standing L-R are: A-A, Din, Liezel, Cha and me. Seated are: Bing, Andy, Ian, Uncle Jun, Auntie Lily, my mom, my niece Sonia Ann, and my brother Gerry.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Christmas Wishes and the next race

Lately I've been feeling a little down and decided to cope by planning my next race. After some searching online, I decided that my next race would be this:

Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk
Sunday, February 5, 2006 8:00 a.m.
Stow Lake & JFK Drive, GG Park
San Francisco , CA

Registration info can be found here. Early registration is only $35.

Like I said, I would do only half marathons at best. It's happening on Superbowl Sunday, so while the nation is obsessing over a football game I could care less about, I'll be taking it to the streets of San Francisco. I'm excited about this run, but am a bit nervous because it looks like I'll be running it alone. However, if any of you would like to join me and the masses, please let me know. I'm always looking for folks to train with (and who are willing to run at my slow-ass pace).

With that, I'm needing to get back into training. This is a good thing because in truth, Maui and Nike kinda scarred me. I think this is my redemption race. I'm not running for time, really. I just want to finish before the cones go up. I don't think that's a lot to ask. Again, any takers?

With this new goal in mind, I'm also needing new running shoes. It looks like I'll be needing some orthotics which run about $250 (but well with the investment because they protect my knees, last 3-5 years and are custom made for my big, flat feet). I'm also needing a new pair of running shoes which run about $130. Luckily, my sister is really good at organizing the family to contribute to my running fund in lieu of birthday and Christmas presents. I don't think she'll be able to collect the whole $380 I need, but she'll collect enough to help me out. I've also scheduled myself to work a lot this holiday season in order to come up with the rest of the funds. However, if any of you or your rich friends want to help fund my hopeful running career, feel free to contact me:).

Hmph. If you told me this time last year that I'd be running half marathons for leisure, I'd probably call you crazy... Now look who's the crazy one!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

pinchers and archers party at Zebulon

Last night was the big b-day bash for the November and December babies at Zebulon. Although I arrived late, I had a total blast! Here are pix from the event. Much thanks to Rex, Alex and Herb for organizing this fantastic gathering of folks. Also, much appreciation goes to the people at Zebulon for letting us use the place and for doing a great job at keeping guests hydrated. Finally, thanks to all the people that showed up. Hope you had a wonderful time. Enjoy the photos! (Note: I do have more pix and if you'd like me to send them off to you, please let me know.)

the family My family was nice enough to show love in the city. I'm here with my cousin Ferdie, cousin-in-law Andy, my cousin Liezel (I grew up on Guam with Ferdie and Liezel), my sister Tina (whose face is covered), and my niece Sonia Ann. Missing from the photo are my brother Gerry and his girlfriend Faye.

the housemates With Ana (my dear friend from high school and former college roomie. yes, she has stories... but so do I) and Jen (my current housemate).

the Runbu-divas Well, at least a few of us: with Kimmy, Alex, and Tina talking about DRA-MA over a sip (more like a gallon) of haterade and laughter.

the cake No birthday party would be complete without a cake for the twelve celebrants and a hundred or so of their guests.

the wish Twelve people blowing on one cake while a folks watch... interesting:)

the post-cake affair With Rex and Tina after wiping Ryan's cake off our faces. Who's random hand is that? (Note: You all missed the icing cleaning at the DJ stand - Herb, Alex, you two know what I'm talking about! Not so much sexy as it was funny!)

the crowd clears And congregates outside to coordinate rides to Lucky Chances for Filipino breakfast. Rod, Tina, Herb, Arlene and I take advantage to the now emptied room for this photo.

the loving couple I miss these two! Ladies and Gentlemen, the beautiful and fabulous Rod and Arlene.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

finding Bullet X

Hello all!

A special thank you goes to Coach Rex for sharing this info about Bullet X Marisigan. I'm inspired by the woman I run for:)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Pix

With all the baby talk (as we anticipate the arrival of Bean), I wanted to share some photos of my adorable nephew Ian Wong. FYI: the theme of the halloween costume was the Iansaurus-Rex hatching from the egg. Enjoy!

Iansaurus-Rex freshly hatched from the egg (a.k.a. Daddy Andy)

Iansaurus-Rex is going to get you. GRRRR!

An exhausted Iansaurus-Rex gets some rest after terrorizing the neighborhood for free candy.