Wednesday, August 04, 2010

confessions of a vog-aholic!

I'm writing this is because I have a confession to make. I have a liking for Fluevog shoes. Actually, I am OBSESSED with Fluevog shoes! I blame my friend Shirl for this obsession because she introduced me to the brand. I confess that I own five pairs and am currently paying off my sixth pair, with plans on getting a seventh (this is what happens when you offer a layaway plan). These shoes aren't cheap. I bought my first two during their anniversary sale. I paid for the shoes in full with part of my tax return. Pair number three (a.k.a. "the wedding shoes," pictured here) was put on a credit card because I had a dream about them. In a state of paranoia, I went to the Fluevog store and bought them, declaring that these are the shoes I'm going to get my Ph.D. in. I'm also going to wear them when I get married, have babies, and all that other good stuff. I look at "the wedding shoes" as a source of inspiration when I write my dissertation. Fluevog numbers four and five were bought with my hard-earned cosmetics money during their recent semi-annual clearance. To my credit, they are paid in full and were bought at a fantastic discount! Only those who have owned a pair of Vogs will understand this obsession. Fluevogs are like art pieces that make my toes smile. The more I wear them, the more my feet fall in love with them. Each pair I own reflects a different angle of my being. Hence, why the Fluevog mantra is so true: Unique soles for unique souls. I've never worn my Vogs without turning a few heads. In fact, I recently wore "the wedding shoes" at my friend's wedding. The photographer took pictures of my shoes! One of the girls there couldn't get her eyes off them, and two other girls stopped at my table to tell me how cool my shoes are! Vogs make my drab wardrobe look look like a million bucks. Such things are worth its weight in gold, I tell you!

I'm confessing my Fluevog sins because becoming a "Vogger" has completely changed the way I spend my money. It has inspired my current need to clean house and send stuff to the donation bin. As I was clearing out my closet, I was taking a monetary tally in my head of how much I spent on all the shoes and clothes I was donating. I took note of all the stuff I hardly used, all the stuff I bought because it was cheap, and I realized that though these items weren't pricey, they also were NOT good investments. Granted, I'm still a proponent of a good bargain (who isn't?). However, I realize that an item being inexpensive cannot be enough for me to buy it anymore. It's all about QUALITY over quantity. The money I spent on my Fluevogs is going to go so much farther than all the clearance shoes I've ever bought but hardly or never used. (In particular, I think of my totally cute red Miz Mooz shoes that I bought in New York a few years ago. At $40 I thought they were a total steal. However, the first time I wore them, they made my feet cry! I must have used those shoes no more than ten times in the four years I've had them. I can't begin to tell you how many shoes I have with a similar story.) Yes, my love for something new has liberated me from old baggage.

Oddly enough, my "Vog-session" has also led me to some other great realizations. Don't laugh... but I hardly look at the mirror before leaving the house. One day at work, I was looking at my all-black outfit and I nearly died. My outfit was completely unflattering and I couldn't believe my cosmetics employer had allowed me to keep my job knowing I wear the same hideous clothes every week! When I got home, I got rid of the unflattering gaucho pants (that made me look like I had camel toe) and got myself some bona fide adult slacks from Banana Republic. I firmly believe that quality doesn't have to be expensive. I managed to find a great pair of black, high quality, nice fitting slacks on clearance for about $16. The second pair of slacks I bought was 60% off (and they make my butt look like perfection)! I testify that when you're a Vogger, all good things must come your way. My new outlook on shopping has also inspired the bargain gods to send me good luck.

Since then, I haven't made many purchases because I simply don't need them. If I do indulge in a purchase, I'm going to take a cue from Oprah and make a deal with myself: if I buy something, I have to get rid of something. I'm also learning to spend like my dad. My dad was very thrifty, but he made his purchases last. That's exactly what I'm going to do. I have my "Vog-session" to thank for all of this!

Note: The photos came from the Fluevog site.


shirlsd said...

my vog count - 10. (and if them mollie johnson's call my name, eleven it will be.)

Joanne said...

I could have sworn you were up to 11 pairs now. After the anniversary sale, you said you had 9 pairs. The Giulia boots would be pair #10. The Rubens you bought in Chicago would be pair #11. Am I missing something? Worse yet, are YOU missing something?! (Yes. I have taken note of how many vogs you have because it warms my hear that you have more vogs than I do!)

shirlsd said...

shit. you're right.

Joanne said...

That should be cause for celebration. That means your future Mollie Johnsons will be #12. That will put you up to a "dirty dozen" vogs. Wa-hoo!

warrior said...

congrats on finding cute AND comfortable shoes!