Monday, August 02, 2010

my butt is big

Freddy posted this photo recently on the One World site. I'm always fascinated when companies finally figure out that in order to sell products, you have to appeal to the masses. In order to appeal to the masses, it's wiser to do it in such a way that empowers them, not enhances their suffering or encourages their misery. It makes me wonder what people are learning in Marketing 101 these days. Typo aside, I kinda like this ad. The model reminds me of a thicker version of Nicole Scherzinger, an entertainer I adore, but wish she ate an actual burger now and then. Every interview I've ever read with her, Scherzinger always talks about the food she's not eating. It makes me want to poke my eye out. As the original, lead, and senior Pussycat Doll, I wish Scherzinger would just shut up about starving herself and flaunt the fact that at age thirty two, she can still strut her stuff better than counterparts half her age! This tells me that even the best of them are left to feel inadequate. Ah yes, back to my point... what I love more about this image is what Freddy wrote:
You girls who have been CrossFitting for awhile, and especially you ladies at One World who have been embracing the strength training, have at some point had to deal with some changes in yourself that take a bit of getting used to:

1. You aren't necessarily losing any weight, but....
2. Your waist is smaller.
3. Your ass and thighs are getting bigger, but....
4. You're body composition overall is leaner.
5. You are conditioned to think that you need to lose weight to look better, but...
6. Everyone is noticing how good you look!
7. You aren't the strongest person in your gym, but....
8. You are stronger than most the guys at your workplace, and that, ladies, is empowering.

The results of following a good well planned strength AND conditioning program are amazing. The changes come quickly if you dedicate yourself to the program and make some simple changes in your nutrition. Unless you are taking steroids, a majority of all the women on the planet cannot lift weights and end up "getting big" or "looking like a man." I don't think there is a man on the planet who thinks the girl in the picture above looks like a man.

A woman can be powerful AND beautiful at the same time.
Sometimes I need something like this to remind me that CrossFit is a lifelong journey. In the end, it's about health and not about looking hot in a pair of jeans. For me, CrossFit is about making peace with my body - embracing what it looks like and appreciating what it endures each and every day. I may not be a size 2 (and I have no desire to be that), I will say that I've come a long way since this photo:
I know my body has come a long way and as Freddy mentioned, the composition is day and night different. The progress has been slow, but sure. That's all I can really ask, right?

One thing I want to mention is that in today's society, there is so much emphasis on the body. My challenge to you is to embrace the fact that aside from being powerful and beautiful, women can also be INTELLIGENT! I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated I get when I see how much this culture puts stupid, unintelligent, inarticulate women on a pedestal. Seriously? I'm supposed to be impressed by dumb women with low self esteem just because she looks good in heels? Sorry. That's not how my world operates...

Today's Small Victories
I made it to the gym!

Row 500 meters
Prep for the WOD

CrossFit One World WOD
Squat 5x1 165#
Press 5x5 65# (two rounds) 60# (3 rounds)

One cycle is as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes of:
5 ring dips (modified)
10 box jumps 12"
15 dumbbell push jerks 20#
Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of four cycles. Start each cycle where you left off the last cycle.

Joanne's Final Count - 6 rounds + 8 box jumps

Notes (to myself) about this workout: This was a good one to get my feet wet again. For the strength portion, I'm really weak with the presses. I did do the hip swing that Settie (via Brad) mentioned. It definitely helps. But I'm still not adding that much weight on. In fact, I had to drop 5# after a few rounds. In the 5th rounds, I did four straight reps and failed the 5th one. Gah!

For the conditioning portion, I finally mustered up the strength to work on the rings. The band is still tough for me because I don't get full range of motion. Therefore, I "jumped" the rings. I still jump on the small box because I hate the idea of tripping on the box (which I'm notorious for). Also, jumping makes me feel ALL of my weight. All 536 pounds of me (I'm kidding). I'm okay on the small box for now. The dumbell push jerks slowed me down because I realized after a few rounds that I was pausing too long. Other than that, this was a fair WOD. Yippee!

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