Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This was taken this past Sunday at the Styx concert at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga.
For the record, I hate the new blogger formatting thing-a-ma-bob. It completely erased my post. Fuckers! Anyway... formatting issues aside, I should warn you that last week was an AMAZING week for me. Yesterday I shared photos from the Jo Koy comedy show I went to. Last Sunday, I saw Styx with fellow One Worlders Roya and Lori. It was a blast. In case you were wondering, YES, I am old enough to know who STYX is. That night's performance was particularly special because OG Styx-man Chuck Panazzo performed with them.

fathlete confession: My 80s music obsession is totally embarrassing. I apologize to Roya and Lori for having to witness me clapping on cue to "Too Much Time On My Hands." Further, I declare you two are saints for putting up with my karaoke interpretation of "Come Sail Away." I'm really truly sorry that you had to sit through that. (smirk)

The last time I went to The Mountain Winery was AGES ago when my family and I watched Pat Benatar in 2002! Since then it has been remodeled and is a FANTASTIC venue to watch concerts. There's still an amazing summer lineup left, so check out who else is performing! fathlete confession: I'm planning on watching Margaret Cho, but I also want to check out Hall & Oats. If you're laughing, you can shut it!

For the record, shall I meet and marry the man of my dreams and he happens to have very deep pockets, we are definitely going to consider The Mountain Winery as a possible venue. (insert a starry-eyed j-ro wearing the wedding shoes)

This video is for Miss Lori. Shame of Styx for not performing this!

Today's Small Victories
I had absolutely no interest in going to the 6:30am class. But Settie made me do it. And I did.

For ten minutes, jump rope. When you stumble, do 10 abmat sit-ups. Obviously, I did lots of sit-ups. But I jumped rope like a bona fide adult!

CrossFit One World WOD: "Bear Ladder"
You will pick the weight for this workout, but you must use the same weight for the whole workout. You will start with one cycle of "The Bear." Rest as long as you like, then do two cycles. Rest as long as you like then do three cycles. The goal is to get to 10 cycles, but you must finish in 20 minutes. A cycle of the bear is a deadlift to a hang power clean to a front squat to a press movement overhead to a back squat to another press movement overhead. When doing more than one cycle, you can only touch and go when the bar touches the ground for the deadlift. During the cycles, you can rest anywhere within the cycle (bar at shoulders, bar in the hang, etc.). You can also do a power clean into a thruster into a back squat thruster. Post questions about workout to comments.

Joanne's Final Count - I made it to cycle 6 with 4 sequences in cycle 7 at 53#.

Notes (to myself) about this workout: I am not going to punish myself for not completing all 10 cycles. The Bear is a bitch and I did it. Done!


Lyn C said...

Love your blog Joanne! I can totally relate to you. It's too bad we never met. I am a member in CrossFit Unlimited & I think we are about in the same fitness level. I usually attend the free Sunday seesion in One World (but I haven't lately due to Church duties). Hopefully we can meet sometime. Gosh, I love reading your blogs. I like seeing you progress & it totally inspires me. Call me cheesy! heheheee...Take care! Keep posting :)

j-ro said...

Hi Lyn,

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying this blog. In truth, I do it because I feel that CrossFit is for everyone. Unfortunately, the only people who really get recognized in CrossFit are the fire breathers who compete in the games. I like to think that there are as many fire breathers as there are "fathletes" in CrossFit. I'm glad you read and relate.

Please contact me if you're ever in the Union City area. I'd love to meet up! Also, if you ever want to train at One World, come visit the 7:15pm class M-Th. It's a good group!

Happy training! (Btw - I LOVE CFU. You all have an amazing box!)