Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I know it's all in good fun. But someone's been giving me a lot of shit lately. This one's for you, my friend. (Yeah. You. You know who you are!) Now unless you're pulling my hair, get off my f--kin' ass! ha ha ha!

Here are some articles of interest. Enjoy!
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9 Reasons to Drink More Coffee!
13 Careers for the Next Decade

Today's Small Victories
1) Back on track with the eating plan. Just made a pot of chicken curry with greens from the farmer's market. Yummy!

Some rowing.
Prep for the WOD

CrossFit One World WOD
Deadlift 5/5/5/5/5
125 / 155 / 175 / 185 / 195

Complete one minute of thrusters for max reps 53#. Rest one minute.
Complete one minute of jumping pull-ups for max reps. Rest one minute.
Complete one minute of GHD sit-ups for max reps. Rest one minute.
Complete one minute of dips (modified on bar) for max reps.
Complete one minute of GHD hip extensions for max reps. Rest one minute.

Joanne's Final count - 16 / 23 / 18 / 27 / 30

Notes (to myself) about this workout: I need to go RX on the thrusters next time. I hate the black bars for the pull-ups. None of my pull-ups cleared tonight. For the dips, I either need to give the rings a shot or do them on the bars with a box. I came up way too easy.


Gladys said...

chicken curry: recipe, please? ;-)

Anonymous said...

OMG, J-Ro,

That picture was just what I needed for stress relief. It made me laugh for hours......I am going to print it and post it all over my cubicle. I may even put up yellow 'police line. do not cross' at my cubicle entrance with that picture firmly taped in the middle.....

Evil Twin

Joanne said...

Gladys - I make chicken curry in two ways. Both involve packets of some sort. If I'm REALLY lazy, I buy the Japanese style curry blocks and follow the directions. For last night's batch, I bought madras curry powder and followed the directions. For this, you have to add coconut milk. I used chicken, onions, and pumpkin greens from the farmers' market. Note: If you use these greens, cut the stems. They're deceptively hard - like bamboo.

Mary - I'm glad I can make your day. I'd love to see your newly decorated cubicle;P

Gladys said...

mm, coconut milk. any recipe that asks for coconut milk deserves to be tried! by the way, i've made almond banana pancakes a couple of times now and figured out a recipe that works for me and isn't too much. and the last time, i fried it using coconut oil. delish!

just because you generously share, i'll share this easy recipe; it makes 5-6 medium size pancakes that i can eat by myself. :-)

1 or 2 ripe bananas [use 1 for thinner pancakes]
2 eggs
1/4 cup almond flour
1/8 tsp baking soda
1 Tbsp almond butter

I use a blender for all of this to simplify.

Puree bananas, or mash in a large bowl with a fork until well mushed. Add the eggs and blend or mix all together. Blend in almond flour and baking soda, mixing well.

Using butter or coconut oil, fry in 10-inch skillet over medium heat for the first batch (each batch is 2 medium pancakes or 4 small pancakes). Then lower the heat to medium-low for the rest of the batter to avoid burning.

Joanne said...

Awesome! I'll try this recipe too!

maria_nice twin said...

Hey girl!
I showed the husband the pic. He laughed his butt off! He's going to use it as a training tool for his flock of lambs (i'll explain later when i see u).