Tuesday, February 16, 2010

new kicks!

Here they are. My new weightlifting shoes. Many thanks to Gwen Sisto from Risto Sports for all her help. I love these shoes! When you see them in real life, they're actually much more subtle. They look like a regular pair of black shoes. However, when you get closer, you can see the details and such. It's exactly how I wanted the shoe to be. Even the "sexy j-ro" is subtle (thank heaven! I really didn't want that gleaming from miles around).

It's funny how different people know you in different ways. When my dear friend Khuyen saw my shoes she was a little disappointed that they were not grand and extravagant "just like the Joanne I know." Funny thing is, I know exactly what she's talking about. In most parts of my life, I'm pretty diva-licious with a touch of nice girl. There are two areas in my life where I fail at this. My CrossFit life and my love life. I should work on this, shouldn't I?

On to some interesting articles...
I pray to the heavens above that when I become a professor, I don't go crazy like this. Recently, a science professor opened fire on her colleagues during a faculty meeting after she found out she was denied tenure. (sigh) Such a terrible story!

Hooray to Kevin Smith for calling out Southwest Airlines on their s--t. The people at Big Fat Blog just posted this entry about Smith getting booted off his flight for being "too fat." Hmph!

Today's Small Victories
1) I showed up for Mr. Josh. Even if I can't stand the bastard, I showed up for him anyway. Showing up doesn't make me like him any more.

THREE rounds of:
50 jump rope skips
100 meter row
100 meter run

Prep for WOD

CrossFit One World WOD: "Light" Mr. Joshua
Complete five rounds for time of:
400m run
15 GHD sit-ups
10 deadlifts at 70% of your one rep max.

Joanne's Final Time - 28:45 (or something like that)

Notes (to myself) about this workout: 70% of my 1 rep max for a deadlift is about 178#. For this WOD, I scaled down to 165# and even then it was way too much weight. In my book, 70% of your 1 rep max done 50 times spells disaster and back pain. Kudos if you can do this. But I'm just not that girl. It's bad enough that I hate Mr. Josh to begin with. That it was a "lighter" version didn't make it any better. In round three and four I cut down to 5 deadlifts. In round 5, I did 5 deadlifts at 165# and 5 deadlifts at 135#. I then hit the floor and wanted to cry. fathlete confession: Actually, the tears started rolling down in round three. Luckily, sweat and tears look the same.

This WOD makes me feel like Dumbo training on the Olympic team - out of place, undeserving, and here because of some cruel reminder that I'm fat, incapable of doing this shit, and that I simply don't belong at the box. I despise nights like this.


Shannon said...

Joanne! It breaks my heart to read that you feel like this. You are NOT fat! Don't ever say that, you are beautiful, strong and sexy!! I'm sorry that Mr. Joshua was hard, but at least you showed up and that means more than any time, or how much you can lift. Being there is half the challenge. you belong at that box more than anyone else there. I'm proud of you no matter what you do!
So be happy, because it can only get better from here!!

Much love!

Anonymous said...

Stop with the Fat! You are beautiful inside and out. You share so much of yourself in your blog. I, for one, really learn alot about myself through you.

The fact that you dragged yourself in for this bad date with Joshua speaks volumes on your personal commitment to yourself. "Light Joshua" it isn't. This WOD is harder than regular Mr. Joshua. Many people who did this WOD said the same thing you did!

You kicked ass, J-Ro. Keep it up!! Keep being my inspiration!

-Evil Twin

maria_nice twin said...

Little girl! Don't get down on yourself! You pushed through it! That's what matters! You didn't give up!!! Next time, you'll do even better!
Keep up the awesome work, girl!!

Joanne said...

Thanks for the love, ladies. I just had a bad day and bad days sometimes bring out the worst in me. I'm better now and I've decided that if Mr. Josh and I ever have to meet, I'm pulling about 150#-155#. The RX for that WOD was insane!