Monday, February 15, 2010

four cupcakes in a day

Part of me wonders if I was an unbearable, cupcake-deprived bitch during the challenge. For now, I'm going to tell myself that I was surrounded by cupcakes because the people around me love me so much that they wanted to see me happy (especially after six weeks of cupcake deprivation). ha ha!

Yes. The challenge is officially over and it looks like the next one is happening in April. I'll do it again and I recommend that more people do it. In an upcoming post, I'll explain why one should do the challenge. fathlete confession: As soon as I took the "after" photo, I spent the greater part of the weekend engaging in gastro-intestinal debauchery. This included a rendezvous with FOUR cupcakes in one day. I know. I'm a cupcake slut. Here are some photos of my conquests...

Cupcake #1 came courtesy of my gal pal Margaret. This was the first time I've ever had one of her home made cupcakes. The batter was a mango spice pound cake concoction with butter cream frosting. (Note: I only had one cupcake. A few months ago I could have eaten this whole box!)

Cupcake #2 was made by Zen. She brought mini-red velvet cupcakes to the Fish Tournament. Like I could say no to red velvet! Also, Rita swore that these bites of heaven were orgasmic. I needed to find out for myself if they were. The final verdict? There are few things that can compare to an earth-shattering orgasm. But I can see how this cupcake can do in a pinch. ha ha!

Cupcake #3 came from my buddy Mikee I., resident kickboxing instructor in our BJJ program. I must have sounded desperate for a cupcake because on Saturday he made the trip to Palo Alto to get me some Sprinkles red velvet. Delicious! (I don't care that Mikee I. swears they taste like every other cupcake he's ever had. That comment alone makes me question our friendship. haha!) fathlete confession: I need to carry a supply of milk with me just in case others shower me with cupcakes too!

Cupcake #4. To end my night of complete cupcake sin, I had Shannon's homemade cupcake. Yes, Miss Shannon brought me a cupcake. Just one. Just how I like it. I ate this at home and had the sense to have it with a cold glass of raw milk. That was my cupcake rendezvous. At the end of the night I was tired and needed a cigarette;P

Moving on, here are some articles of interest...

In honor of Valentine's Day.... OMG. Is this what dating has come to? Mobile GPS dating? Am I the only one who thinks this could be a little stalker-ish?

If you're looking to keep off the weight long term, I found this article.

Per MDA, here's a link to a recipe for meatzza. Yeah. Meatzza. It's like pizza, but with a meat crust. I'm not sure if I should hurl or jump for joy. I'm leaning towards the latter.

My next MDA referral is this article that addresses the FDA's desire to change food labels to reflect actual portion sizes. I hope this actually happens. I just bought ice cream for my sister's family and 1/2 cup serving size is so not realistic!

Finally, here's a recent article MDA wrote about fried food. Granted, fried food is generally a no-no. However, it's nice to see that there are some exceptions to this no-no.

Today's Small Victories
1) After a weekend of cheating, I decided to go back on the primal/paleo train. I did this without batting an eyelash.

Run 800 meters
Prep for WOD

CrossFit One World WOD
Squat 3 x 3 at 88% of one rep max

Shoulder press 5/2/1/1/1
45/65/75/80 (fail)/ 80 (fail)/ 75

Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes of:
4 handstand push-ups (modified)
10 kettlebell swings 35#
15 squats.
Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of four cycles.

Joanne's Final Count:
2 rounds + 8 squats
2 rounds + 7 KB swings
2 rounds + 6 KB swings
2 rounds + 2 KB swings

Notes (to myself) about this workout: Today was my first day using my new weightlifting shoes. OMG. They make a total difference! They really help to plant your feet on the ground and get the pressure off your knees. I'm glad I got them and highly recommend the investment. I bought mine from Risto Sports. They are a phenomenal company and Gwen is great to work with! I'll post photos of my new shoes soon.

In the strength portion, I didn't PR my press because it was only recently that I realized I'd been doing them wrong all along. My previous PR is 80#, but it wasn't legit because I did a push press. With that, I was satisfied with my lift. 88% is a lot to lift for the back squat. Again, the shoes made the difference.

The conditioning was cool too. I felt stronger with my modified handstand push-up. At some point I need to get out of my head and just do a damn handstand. Bleh...

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