Thursday, February 04, 2010

get raw milk!

Tonight I went to Austin's box because they were hosting a lecture on raw milk. As I've said before, I think Austin runs a great box and I was glad to make my first visit tonight. Mark McAfee, who owns Organic Pastures reminds me a lot of the cool farmer guy on Food Inc. The lecture was informative and afterward, we were able to taste the regular and the chocolate milk. Raw milk is available at shmancy grocery stores such as Whole Foods. However, if you go to the Organic Pastures site, they list some farmers' markets where their products are available. When you buy directly from them, it's about 30-40% cheaper (according to McAfee). Plus, you'll see the whole line of products. I plan on visiting their stand at Cupertino or Campbell one of these days because I want to try their butter and cheese too!

Some cool things to note:
1) Raw milk is great for the lactose intolerant because it's easier to digest (unless you're EXTREMELY sensitive, but this is rare).
2) Raw milk helps to build your immune system because it is live food and has a lot of much-needed bacteria. (Yes. bacteria is good for you!)
3) The shelf life of raw milk is about 10-12 days from when it came from the cow. The OP site explains what you can do in case your milk is spoiling. Yes. you can salvage your spoiled milk!
4) The cheese, as long as it's refrigerated has a really long shelf life and gets better as it ages. Mark said you can have it up to a year. Wow!
5) The butter doesn't have to be refrigerated (but I'm going to anyway cuz I'm paranoid like that).

I'd go into detail about all the other cool stuff I learned, but I'd do a poor job at explaining stuff. Instead, check out these links:
Organic Pastures FAQ
Campaign for Real Milk
Westin A. Price Foundation

Today's Small Victories
1) I'm transitioning to Alex's meal plan. Man, there is no give on those carbs!
2) I committed to coming in early to make it to the milk seminar. Education my friends!

Prep for WOD

CrossFit One World WOD
Bench Press 3/3/3/3/3
63/73/78/83/88 (PR!)

"Nancy"- Complete five rounds for time of 400m run*/15 overhead squats 63#
Joanne's Final Time - 24:42

Notes (to myself) about this workout: Since it was raining and I like to lift barefoot, I decided to row instead of run. For the first 2 rounds, I rowed 500 meters. For the last three rounds I rowed 400 meters. Um, there's a reason why Nancy is a run and not a row. Rowing is a total body workout and you need the run to rest up your upper body for the OH squat. Rowing made the WOD sooooo much harder! In the past, I've mostly done this WOD without recording the time. The last time I did it, it took me about 26 minutes to finish and I used a lighter weight. With that, I'm happy with today's performance. The OH squat is not my favorite, but I can feel myself getting stronger. Ultimately, I'd like to do it without dropping the bar. Today I did mostly a 10-5 split which was good.

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