Tuesday, March 17, 2009

what the...

In case you're wondering, this is what the One World trainers do when they're planning the WOD cycles. I'm not sure what Chong and Joe D. have planned, but it doesn't look very promising. ha ha!

Run 1.1 miles
Row 800 meters
prep for: deadlifts, squat clean and jerks, thrusters, and overhead squats

CrossFit One World WOD: "Horrible Hundred"
Complete the following for time:
25 Deadlifts 143#
25 Squat clean and Jerks 63#
25 Thruster 53# (rx'd)
25 Overhead squat 33# (rx'd)

** Use one bar for the entire workout, stripping weights for each movement**

My bar looked like this:
33#bar for overhead squat
2-10# plates for thruster
2- 5# plates for squat clean and jerks
2- 25# plates for deadlift
2- 15# plates for deadlift

Joanne's Final Time - 18:30

Notes (to myself) about this workout: This WOD was as bad as it sounded. When I saw that the time frame was about ten minutes, I knew right away that I was not going to be in that range. Before coming in, I did a rough estimate of the weight I could lift and the time I would finish (I estimated about 18-20 minutes at best for me). In terms of weight, I was off by only 10#. (I estimated a 43# thruster, but Eric put me at 53#. Everything else was exactly right.) If I wanted to make the ten minute time frame, I would have had to let go of some weight. Though I totally understand the time estimates, I'm still trying to find a happy medium. For me, to do it in this weight with this time was exactly right. I'm not trying to compete in the games and have no intention of being an super CrossFitter. I just want to do the WODs where it's enough to my liking. This was challenging, sometimes painful, but I felt accomplished. I missed a few squats on the squat clean and jerk round. Other than that, I felt that my form was as solid as it could be.

The worst part of this was the squat clean and jerks. I can understand the squat clean. I can understand the jerk. But BOTH of them in the second round! You're so not sexy, Chong!

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