Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I'm still trying to collect more photos of the 7:15 class. In truth, the most consistent folks that show up are pretty much me, Lisette, Lori and Shannon. Every now and again we get a small sprinkling of people, including tonight's feature 7:15-er John. John's pretty new to One World and when Freddy posted this photo of him, I couldn't help but steal it. I'd go into great detail about John and how he brings extra shorts for his buddy Alex to train in because apparently, John is greatly invested in what kind of shorts Alex wears. Er. Um. Don't ask what that means. I've tried my best to prohibit my imagination from going places. I suggest you do the same. Welcome to the clan, John!

Run 1.1 miles
Prep for WOD
Posing for various photos because the fierce fathlete needs new pix for the blog! (You are all in for some sweet treats in the upcoming weeks!)
Admiring each other's pigtails

CrossFit One World WOD
Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:
3 rounds of - 6 push-ups then kick your feet up on wall from plank position and do 1 handstand
5 chest to bar pull ups
10 band assisted pistols (alternating each leg for ten total reps)

Joanne's Final Count - 6 rounds + 5 push-ups in round three

Notes (to myself) about this workout: I needed to find some options for the pistols, so after some surfing, I found this video: I found it pretty helpful. When I got to the gym, I noticed, people were doing band-assisted and pole-assisted pistols. I opted for the band.

Sadly, I was the only one in class who had trouble with the handstand. Naturally, this made me feel like a loser. CrossFit, like anything in life requires patience and accepting that each person will have her or his own strengths. Body weight stuff just isn't my strength. All I can do is work on it and let it be. Eric had to help me get to the handstand position because I kept falling.

Here's a little secret... I get really nervous anytime I have to do something that requires me to balance on my head or roll over with my head tucked. When I was in 6th grade, I was doing a front flip in P.E. and didn't tuck in my head. All I remember was jumping up and forward, and next thing I knew, I woke up and all my classmates were freaking out. Apparently, I blacked out because I hit my neck wrong. My friend Pam said, "I thought you were dead because it looked like you cracked your neck!" All I remember was being sore and dizzy. Since then I've had a natural "freak out" reaction to headstands, head rolls, and the like. 

Moving on... I had a lot of trouble with the pistols, even with the assistance from the band. Body weight movements just remind me of how fat I am and that just sucks. No one likes to be reminded of that. More so, no one likes to be reminded of her limitations. However, I will as I always do, and suck it up!

fathlete guilty pleasures...
I'm a little slow. I don't have cable and just recently subscribed to Netflix to catch me up on pop culture and such. Admittedly, I just received 300 to watch. When it came out a few years ago, I actually got into a big fight with a friend about the film. Though I vowed to watch the film just to spite him, I never really got around to doing it. So here I am. Actually, I rented it to get some CrossFit inspiration. Every guy I know who has seen the film has the same reaction, "That movie makes me want to workout!" I figured it would do the same for me. 

The verdict? Sure. 300 makes me want to work out. Even more so, it makes me think, "Why the hell did I wait so damn long to watch this movie?! The guys are H-O-T!" ha ha! Just kidding. Granted, it is a fantastic movie to watch if you're into the chiseled abs and rock-hard body types (which I'm not - heh!). Seriously. It's a special effects film. Those abs are shaded in. (Well, that's what I like to tell myself to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.) 

In truth, the guys in the film are impressive and dare I say, inspiring because they're not your typical 20-somethings. In fact, the actor who played Astinos, son of the Captain (considered to be one of the younger characters) was in his early 30s when he filmed this. That's what makes guys want to workout. It makes them feel like those chiseled abs are attainable at any age.
Truth be told, I am a butt-and-thighs-kind-of-girl (in a big, BIG way). Ouch. Now it's getting hot in here and I'm beginning to blush. Thank heaven the guys are wearing those red robes, so there's not a lot of leg action. Whew! (smirk)
A while back, Imran told me about the crazy 300 workout. I found it online and listed it below. One of these crazy days when I'm feeling all Spartan-y, I think I'll try doing it. Any takers?

The 300 Workout:
25 pull-ups
50 deadlifts at 135 pounds
50 push-ups
50 box jumps with a 24-inch box
50 "floor wipers" (a core and shoulders exercise at 135 pounds)
50 "clean and press" at 36 pounds (a weight-lifting exercise)
25 more pull-ups -- for a total of 300 reps

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