Thursday, March 19, 2009

delicious eats!

I'm posting this as a way to remind you all to vary up what you eat. I think I was just shell-shocked when I found out my dear gal CrossFit pal Lisette had never eaten Thai food before. Whaat?! (And yes, Lisette, this is a public declaration that you and I are going to head over to the nearest Thai food and chow down on some yummy goodness!) Anyway...

This photo is from my favorite Japanese restaurant, Semo Sushi. I went there a while back with my gal pal Shirl. She's a big fan of aji and the folks at Semo do a great job. Okay. You have to love raw fish, but this was so delicious! When you're done with the sashimi, you send it back and they fry the rest of it for you. Everything (including the bones) are completely edible. So it may not sound great, but you have to love food and be adventurous. The aji is fantastic (and quite healthy)!

Run 1.1 miles

TWO rounds:
Row 2 minutes
Run 200 meters

Drills with weighted ball.

Random stretching and prep for the WOD

CrossFit One World WOD: "Bizarro Cindy"

Complete as many rounds as you can of the following in five minutes:
5 chest to the bar pull-ups
10 ring push-ups
15 overhead squats with a dowel

Rest exactly 2.5 minutes

Repeat two more times for a total of three rounds (20 minutes)

Continue the count for the next round where you left off from the previous round. Post total rounds to comments.

Joanne's Final Time - Ten rounds with 5 pull-ups

Notes (to myself) about this workout: My version of this was more like regular Cindy than Bizarro Cindy. I did jumping pull-ups with attempts to get my chin over the bar and push-ups on my knees. (Note: I generally have a really hard time with the jumping pull-ups. I hate that stuff!) I did the overhead squat as recommended. Though I'm completely squatted out, I'm actually a big fan of squats because it's something I can actually do.

Tonight I actually had a better feel of the pull-up because I did mine with the kipping swing and tried to pull really hard. Again, I wasn't too successful at hitting my chest to the bar. But I did get a better idea of what I need to do in the future. For now, I'll claim fat as my defense. 

The class was pretty fun. It's usually a women's class, but today John and Raz joined us. (Yeah, I made sure to not workout anywhere near Raz because he's a general beast and I had no desire to feel like a loser. Besides, I prefer working out near the garage door where it's cooler. Call me wuss. I don't care.) Like John says, "work smarter, not harder." Those silly CrossFit boys!

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