Thursday, January 29, 2009

not that kind of afternoon delight

The guy running in the blue shorts is Will B. He taught today's noon class, which I had to go to in order for me to enjoy Diana's birthday dinner tonight. I consider Will B. a kindred sprit because well, it takes a real man to pole dance while playing the century game. Ha ha! You had to be there.

Two rounds of the "Fish Game"

CrossFit One World WOD: "Elizabeth"
Complete 21/15/9 reps for time of
Squat cleans 58#
Tricep dips (on bars)

Joanne's Final Time - 14:53

Notes (to myself) about this workout: This is one of those WODs that you look at and think, "this shouldn't be too bad." Wrong! It's definitely a challenge. I actually liked this WOD because anytime I can do some no-stress Oly weightlifting, I'm happy. I can't do a ring dip for shit, so I stuck to the dips on bars. Next time I do this, I'll up the weight to about 60# or 65# and will try to plank out more for the dips. Either that, or I'll try to do the band assisted dips. What I liked about this WOD was that you could feel your form on the squat cleans. For me, I could feel my form getting better as the rounds went on, which was nice. (I think it's because when you're tired, you do less thinking and more doing.) I still have work to do, but I was happy with the WOD. Special thanks goes to Will B. and the ladies (Jamie, Maria and Mary) who "kick boy ass!"


Shannon said...

I havent seen you in a couple days! but hey good job on Elizabeth, I wish I could say that I can feel my form and technique improving each work out ! haha, good work girl!

Joanne said...

Thanks Miss Shannon!

Yeah, I've been in, but I haven't seen you. Keep up with the good work as well. Stick to it 'cuz you've got some strongs!