Friday, January 16, 2009

friday not so light

This is how One World is supposed to be. Left to right in the photo are: Brad, Zvi, James and Antony. I'm proud to announce that Antony is now an official member of the One World Crew. He'll be teaching krav maga and eskrima classes. Wa-hoo! Unfortunately, the eskrima classes clash with my CrossFit classes. Otherwise, I'd totally jump on that! So cool!

On Wednesday, I tweaked my ankle from running. UGH! I decided that I would take advantage of the Thursday rest day and I'm really glad I did because it's 100% better now. This morning I spent about 3-4 hours at One World volunteering for the Level II Certification. For those of you who CrossFit, I highly recommend you volunteer. It's a great way to get taught by a lot of different people and you get to perfect your basic form. I warn you, it's pretty intense. Today there were three groups of about 5-6 trainers per group. Each trainer is assigned a movement they have to teach and are given a ten minute window. From there, the trainers and volunteers work. You end up working on movements for the whole ten minutes. Sometimes they'll pull you into the center to demo the move and then the trainer will make corrections. You do that 5-6 times in each group and you have three groups that are in rotation. It's a lot of work, but a lot of learning. I also recommend bringing food. I had a balance bar before the cert and didn't eat until I got home at almost 2pm!

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