Wednesday, January 21, 2009

conquering the bear!

Coach Eric's birthday was this past Sunday and though I told him that I wasn't going to bother him on his birthday, he decided to bitch and whine about me not calling. Sorry Eric! Just for that, this photo is for you! It's one of the sculptures at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Personally, I think it's the companion to this photo. Now I see what inspired your "Boys of Castro" pic! ha ha! Happy birthday and don't pay attention to what Freddy says. Only real men wear Lululemon!

1 hour of yoga
Row 1000 meters

WOD: The Bear
Complete five rounds of the following using max weight. There is no time limit. It's all about getting it done with as heavy weight as possible.

Complete the following sequence seven times: Perform a hang power clean to a front squat to push press to back squat to push press. You may only tap and go when you start the next sequence. You may mix it up a number of ways. You can do a power clean to a thruster to a back squat to a thruster. You can push press, you can straight press... Get the work done.

Here's an example of "The Bear" by our very own Freddy, Jolie and Roman:

Joanne's Final Weights: 53/58/63/68/73

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
I have to admit that I actually like the challenge of this WOD. The last set was a struggle for me. However, after a lot of rest and having the bar hang in my crease, I finally made it through. I swear I was sweating like Whitney Houston at that last set! Luckily, I slowly but surely increased my weight. My previous bear is here.

I admit it. I cheated. To me, 400 meters of lunges is lame. I'd rather do "The Bear!"

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