Monday, March 01, 2010

is it ok to be fat?

A very BIG THANK YOU to Miss Angela. A group of us had dinner on Friday for Chinese New Year. It was delicious! This photo was taken before the LBN challenge in January where Angela and I negotiated her participation over cupcakes!

I found this link via Big Fat Blog. ABC Nightline recently hosted a debate titled, "Is it OK to be Fat?" You can watch it here. Here's the description:
The "Face Off" is a recurring series where opposing sides debate hot topics. In the fifth installment of the series, Crystal Renn, model and author of "Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves" and Marianne Kirby, co-author of "Lessons From the Fat-O-Sphere" will face off against MeMe Roth, president of National Action Against Obesity and Kim Bensen, author of "Finally Thin," on dieting, obesity and whether it's OK to be fat.
For the record, I have a newfound respect for Crystal Renn and when I get the chance, I'm totally buying her book! I also think MeMe Roth has some issues that need to be sorted out. Seriously sister. You honestly believe that the brain of an obese person is smaller than that of a normal person? Well, this is where I get to shove my elite Berkeley post-graduate education up you ass! Heh!

In related news, check out this article about Kirstie Alley's new show A Big Life. I agree with the author. Miss Alley, please quit your whining and love thy self!

On another note, here's an article that outlines what food is worth buying in organic form. Very informative!

Today's Small Victories
1) New month. New goals. New focus! Admittedly, I've been slacking since the challenge ended. My meter readings have showed it. Also, my weight is at a standstill. I can't seem to shake off this 3 pound range. (Um, the bad eating doesn't help either.) Here's an article that talks about getting through the plateau.

In the morning, I rolled out of bed and took a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. Great way to start the day!

CrossFit One World WOD
Squat 3 sets x 2 reps @ 92% of your one rep max (170#)
Push Press 3/3/3/3

Complete as many rounds as you can in 3 minutes of:
10 box jumps
3 handstand push-ups
6 star jumps
Rest 90 seconds. Start next cycle where you left off the previous cycle. Complete four cycles total. Your score is total rounds completed in all four cycles.

Joanne's Final Count - 9 rounds + 1 star jump

Notes (to myself) about this workout: For the strength portion, I was a little nervous because Miss Angela was there and I just get nervous lifting around an oly lifting pro like her. She is just f--kin' mad strong! I was surprised because 170# felt really good. I'm hoping to hit a good 1 rep PR next week!

I'm not sure what my push press max is. I don't think I've ever done one. If I did, it was ages ago. If I recall correctly, I think my 1 rep max was somewhere in the 90# range. Tonight's 95# was a little tough. In fact, my last rep looked the best. The first one looked more like a push jerk. The second looked more like a push press and the last rep was a true push press.

For the conditioning, I was happy to find that my handstand push-ups were much stronger. The next time we do them, I'm switching over to the higher box at a 90 degree stance. I'm also happy to announce that my star jumps were consistent (ahem, consistently ah-may-zah-zing!). I was not going to have Freddy take photos of my craziness! I still suck at box jumps and almost tripped once. Bleh!


Shannon said...

Heyy Joanne! So I know this is a bit late, but I needed you to know how much I love Crystal Renn! And that I've read her book, and it's a worth while read.

She also just appeared in Glamour magazine editorial called "You'd look even better naked." Which I thought was ironic because we just finished the Look better naked challenge!! But the Editorial is pictures in all nude colored clothing, where I have to say she look beautiful :

And then her and 6 other plus sized models did this beautiful photo shoot with Glamour :

I thought I'd share this with you, because it kinda relates to your post and plus I love Crystal Renn, because you know she has more to love ;)

Joanne said...

Thanks Miss Shannon. Did you catch the segment? I thought Crystal Renn was awesome!