Tuesday, March 23, 2010

water bottles

Big thanks to Chris S. for posting this. My favorite water bottles are by kleen kanteen. I like the variety of sizes, colors, and the wider mouth. It makes it easy to clean! Plus, you don't get that nasty taste. I have two of them, the 27 oz for my gym bag and the 12 oz for my purse. I used to be big on plastic water bottles, but when I visualized all the waste, I decided to go stainless steel. These days, I'll use one plastic bottle at best (in case of emergency). I'm sure the environment has been better because of it.

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This is just pure hi-larity!

Today's Small Victories
1) I was 100% primal. Admittedly, when not in challenge mode, bad food manages to make its way into my system. But not today. Oh no. Not today.

40%/50%/60% of working one rep max for press (68#). To avoid confusion with bars and such, I did 33#/35#/43#

CrossFit One World WOD
Strength: Press

Set #1 is 3 reps @ 70% of your "working" one rep max. (48#)
Set #2 is 3 reps @ 80% (55#)
Set #3 is 3 reps (or more) @ 90% (63# x 5)

After sufficient rest from the strength workout, complete each of the following tasks for time (in any order). Rest as needed between efforts

Run 400m for time.
100 dumbbell shoulder to overhead in any manner (W:15#) for time. Stopping for longer than 3 seconds or putting the dumbbells on the ground constitutes a 100m run penalty (1600m cap). Add all penalties up at end and run the accumulative distance at one time upon completion of training. (Around the block at One World is 1600m...more or less.)

Joanne's Final Time:
Run - 2:08
Dumbell portion - 4:00
WOD - 6:37

Notes (to myself) about this workout: I'm still adjusting to the strength portion. I hate working with dumbells. Bleh.

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