Monday, March 22, 2010

the people i've slept with

While away last week, I caught a screening of The People I've Slept With. It was entertaining. Hopefully, it gets good distribution and you all get to see it at your local theater.

Today's Small Victories
1) I'm back in challenge mode. I wasn't as successful as I would have liked, but I'm giving it that old college try!
2) When I got to the box, I was hit with this odd wave of depression. I just wanted to cry. I don't know why. But I got out of the car and just got dressed and headed to the floor.
3) I told myself I'd only do 50 burpees, but I did the whole hundred. Even through the power outage, I did it.

Five reps of the back squat at 65/86/105

CrossFit One World WOD
Set #1 is 3 reps @ 70% of your "working" one rep max. (120#)
Set #2 is 3 reps @ 80% (135#)
Set #3 is 3 reps (or more) @ 90% (155#)

Complete 100 six count burpees for time.

Training Tips: Six count burpees mean each movement of the burpee is very deliberate:
Kick legs out so you are in the planked push-up position
Touch your chest to the ground
Push-up back to the planked position
Kick your legs back to a squat postion
Jump up 6" (touch a target suspended 6"higher than you highest reach)

Joanne's Final Time - N/A

Notes (to myself) about this workout: This was the last time I did 100 burpees for time. I can't remember what my time was. Tonight I may have taken longer, but I did do a more definite burpee as opposed to a floppie. I also tried to hit my 6" mark. The yoga and strength training are definitely kicking in because my push-ups were better. It should be noted that I did the push-ups on my knees.

For the strength part, I only did three reps for the last set. I didn't know that we could do more. I missed all of last week, so I'm still adjusting.

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