Sunday, January 03, 2010


Happy New Year! A new year brings new hopes, new dreams, new inspirations, and new goals. I've never done this before, but this is my inspiration corner. It's like a vision board. When I've done this in the past, I didn't take it so seriously. My corner isn't done yet, but I think it's off to a great start. My resolutions are simple:

1) Focus and keep my eyes on the prize. Finish the dissertation and get ready for the next phase of my life - even if it means I'm in school for another year. Everything I do now is preparing me to be Professor Joanne Rondilla.

2) Be open to love. Share love. Give love. Accept love. This isn't just in the romantic sense. In the past few days, I've learned the importance of something as simple as a compliment. Or letting a friend know that you're there for them. This is the year of love. The more I love me, the more I love those around me. It's better that way. It's less dramatic that way.

3) Be brave.

4) Get healthy.

5) Indulge in "me" time.

Today I went to the nutrition seminar for the Look Better Naked Challenge. The gist of the seminar is encased in this:
Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.
I could go on and on as to why this rule of eating is important. However, I recommend you read In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto or Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan. Mark Sisson's The Primal Blueprint. These guys say it way better than I do.

Some things you need to know about the eating rule:
1) Peanuts and cashews do not count as nuts.
2) Calories count for something. You're aiming for 10-12 calories per 1 pound of body weight. e.g. If you're 130#, you're aiming to consume 1300-1560 calories per day. Don't ask why because I don't know the science behind the advice.
3) Dairy is not part of the list. Neither are legumes (beans) or corn.
4) You're allowed a cheat meal or cheat day. Ideally, you are allotted a 20% cheat. Note that the cheat is to help you stay on track and not push you off course. Freddy recommends that since the challenge is five weeks, you forget about the cheat day and just follow the eating rules. Personally, I disagree. I don't like the idea of a cheat DAY, but a small cheat like a mini cupcake or hot cocoa is just fine. (But that's just me.)

For those of you who are interested in doing your own Look Better Naked Challenge, here are the guidelines (as I understand them):

1) Take a "before" photo in shorts (for men) or shorts and sports bra (for women). The photo will be a full body including the face. This is because physical changes are prevalent in the face. (Note: I agree and will take a full on photo because of this.) The photo shoot will be set up in the back room and you can choose to have a male or female photographer.

For those of you One Worlders who want to know when you can take your photo, the shoot happens this Friday 7pm, Saturday 10am and Sunday at 11am. Please refer to the site for more info.

2) When you take your photo, the challenge starts. You can choose the lifestyle plan you prefer. Today's seminar focused on quality food and the principles from the eating rule listed above.

3) Though not required, it's recommended that you keep a food journal. I recommend this one. Freddy recommends that you check out the site and post your food intake to comments. Personally, I think this is going to be a major tool in being successful at the challenge. Whatever your method, write down what you eat!

4) At the end of the challenge, take your "after" photo. You must wear the same outfit you did in the "before" photo. Voting will happen in the back room. Only challenge participants will be allowed to vote. You will rank your top three men and women based on how much their bodies have changed over the course of the challenge. The top three men and women will be recognized. However, only the #1 man and #1 woman will split the pot. The other folks will get prizes of some sort.

For the challenge, I'm going primal because I like Mark Sisson's recipes. Plus, he allows limited amounts of legumes, dairy, dark chocolate, and red wine. That's an eating plan after my heart. I started the challenge yesterday and I strayed once only because I promised Angela we'd do cupcakes. I'm also keeping a strict food log. For now, I'm satisfied. Feeling good. Looking forward to getting on with the challenge!

Those of you at home can do your own challenge. Good luck! I wish you the very best!

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