Monday, January 04, 2010

arm yourself!

In lieu of yesterday's nutrition seminar, I wanted to direct you to MDA's post on recommended reading, movie viewing, etc. For people who are newbies to the paleo or primal lifestyle, this should give you some great information. Hopefully, it will make your journey to the challenge more manageable. Also, if you are looking for an online food journal, check out Fit Day. I've never used it, but MDA recommends it (with some precautions).

Truth be told, I'm a teacher. I believe in arming yourself with knowledge so that you know what you're getting in to. Yesterday I noticed a lot of people having issues with letting go of the carbs such as noodles, pasta, rice, bread, etc. These feelings are natural. In fact, I feel the same exact way. However, if you arm yourself with the proper knowledge and listen to the arguments about letting go of grains, it will help you better understand how and why making such food choices are important. My advice to those of you on the challenge is this: take things one day at a time. I left yesterday feeling like we were expected to go completely cold turkey on the no grains (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) thing. With that, I wanted to remind everyone that this challenge is a stepping stone to better health. It's about learning good eating habits and heading towards consistency. The prizes are just a bonus. This challenge is about you and your lifestyle. Learn as you will.

Today's Small Victories
1) I went to Ole's Waffle House in Alameda to visit friends for brunch. Yes. I went to a "legendary" waffle house and didn't have a waffle. Instead, I opted for an omelet and fruit. I did okay and thought my meal was delicious! But it was tough not having the "legendary" waffles with butter and warm syrup that everyone else had. Sigh.

2) I've been rockin' out my food journal.

3) I added two pages to my inspiration corner.

CrossFit One World WOD
5/5/5 back squat
Final weight: 95/135/155

5/5/5 press
Final weight: 45/55/65

Dynamic stretching

Complete 21/15/9 reps for time of calorie row and thruster 58#

Joanne's Final Time - 10:44

Notes (to myself) about this workout: Oh captain, my captain. I'm sure I do not like heavy lifting as a warm-up. However, Freddy is experimenting with some new programming. Though I don't agree with it, I'm sticking with my captain (until he really pisses me off. ha ha!). I knew my 5 rep max on the back squat was 155#, so I made sure I hit that. It was challenging because I felt cold. It was also hard to not hit a new PR. Two major lifts in 25 minutes really sucks. I don't do presses very much, so I have no idea what my 5 rep max is. 45# felt fine. 55# was challenging. 65# made me feel like that was it. I felt like I had more in me, but time was scarce and I still felt cold. Bleh.

The metcon was tough. The thrusters were crazy. Initially, I wanted to do 63#, but Freddy said he wanted us to finish in 10-12 minutes. With that, I knew I had to scale down just a tad bit. I was happy with my time, but man, I kept sucking air! On a good note, I think my row was better than it usually is. Yea!

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