Monday, January 18, 2010

LBN survival guide: reward yourself

I just saw Avatar this weekend. I'm a nerd. I loved it. My head is spinning and I don't know what to do. I can't wait to get the chance to teach this film. The students are gonna flip!
The Fathlete's Guide to Surviving the Look Better Naked Challenge

Reward yourself. You gotta get something for this, right? How about a massage at the end of the challenge? Some new clothing to go with your new body? A mini-vacation to Tahoe? Perhaps some private training sessions? Reward your hard work. That way, you have something to look forward to. I recommend that you not reward yourself with food. Save the fried chicken and waffles for a cheat meal, not a reward. (Do you really want to reward good eating with bad eating? Doesn’t make sense, does it?!) Like your goals, your reward should be meaningful. They should also celebrate your accomplishments – not revert you back to your unhealthy eating habits.

Today's Small Victories
1) I am still negotiating my feelings about the cheat. I'm surprised that I haven't been hit by a wave of guilt. Then again, my cheats are hardly worth mentioning. This weekend I loosened up a little bit. On Friday I had a piece of lumpia from a Thai restaurant. It was literally the size of my middle finger. On Saturday night I had buffalo wings because it was the closest thing to paleo I could get at restaurant X. (Sorry. Salad wasn't cutting it - especially since it was only served with fried chicken! Um, not that buffalo wings were any better but...) On Sunday night I shared a dessert with five other people. Two scoops of coconut sorbet with two pieces of banana lumpia between six people is hardly worth the guilt. Today I had a coconut milk from Fantasia. I'm done with cheating. Yes. This is victory.

Some slow rowing.
Shoulder rotations (much to Freddy's dismay)
Air squats

CrossFit One World WOD
Back Squat
10x45# / 8x95# / 6x135# / 5x155# / 5x155# / 5x160#

Shoulder Press
8x45# / 5x55# / 5x60# / 3x65#

Cardio: Tabata dumbbell power cleans for total reps. Rest 1 minute. Tabata row for total calories. Rest 1 minute. Tabata dumbbell jerk for total reps. Rest 1 minute. Tabata row for total calories.

Joanne's Final Count - 51/42/61/42 15# dumbell

Notes (to myself) about this workout: I'm still trying to get the hang of the strength portion of the WOD. I'm almost there. I've decided that I would aim for a PR every other week. That means next week I'm aiming for 165# 5 rep back squat and a 65# - 70# shoulder press. By the way, I FINALLY got the hang of a shoulder press. All this time I was doing it wrong. Bleh.

The tabata WOD was great. Next time I'm jumping to 18# (if we have it) or 20#. I think I had good form, so I'm a total happy camper. Yea!

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