Sunday, January 10, 2010

hot damn!

I went to the Nike Store in SF and found a slew of workout shirts I wanted to get. This one is on my wish list. It's very very ME.

With the photos taken care of, the challenge has officially commenced. The prizes have been officially announced. Can I just say that I would LOVE to win it just for the chance to go to the Robb Wolf seminar?! Sigh. If I had $200 I'd totally sign up in a heartbeat. Alas, no go. I guess this means I'm going to have to work this challenge, doesn't it?

Anyway.... The photos weren't as bad as I was anticipating. Um, it also helps when you don't have to actually look at the photos. I've started going primal on January 2nd. My numbers from 1/02-1/09/2010 are as follows... I've lost 3 pounds and 1 inch off my waist. I have eaten 16 fruit servings, 40 vegetable servings, zero fried foods, 2/3 of a cupcake, and four hours of exercise in seven days. Admittedly, I feel good. I haven't gotten the headaches, the shakes or weird carb withdrawal symptoms that people sometimes get. (When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I cut carbs COMPLETELY for about three days and I was a total mess.) It's not as bad as I thought. My only weak spot is when I smell desserts or fresh bread. Then I get weak in the knees. My coping strategy is to just bite the bullet and work through the craving. Also, carbs conk me out and if I just remember that, then I'm okay with not having them. My other strategy is to have a small piece of dark chocolate. That works every time.

Finally, I ran three miles today with Lori. Yea!
The Fathlete’s Guide to Surviving the Look Better Naked Challenge

Build your arsenal of tools to help you develop your plan of attack. The challenge is not easy, but (like many things in life) it can be incredibly fun with the right tools! I recommend:

a) Food journal. If there’s anything that has proven weight loss success, it’s keeping a food journal! Being accountable for what you eat makes you think twice. Do you really want to write down that you had eight cupcakes in one sitting?

b) A scale, a digital camera, or other measuring instruments. I start each day by weighing and measuring myself as a way for me to connect to my health goals. Actual poundage doesn’t mean much, but measuring does. You can use myo tape to measure yourself. You can also take weekly photos of yourself.

c) Kitchen utensils. I personally love santoku knives, paring knives, a hot pot, a turbo broiler, a reliable set of pots and pans, green bags, and a magic bullet. Pretty plates, silverware, and glasses help too.

d) Stuff to pack your food with. I swear by zip loc containers and a byo bag. A re-usable ice block helps too!

e) Wall calendar. (No. I do not own stock in their company.)

f) Cool workout gear. Nike is my personal favorite. If I could afford it, I would love lululemon too!

g) Anything that will get you eating better and hitting the gym. If you have some personal favorites, let a sister know, will ya?!


Anonymous said...

You ran 3 miles? That's more than I can muster! Great job!!

I did the photo-shoot for the challenge today. I have a very different goal -get that fat, 2 children and 1 back surgery abs back into shape. The challenge is really making me look at my workout program. I want to look hot in booty shorts like Fembot Rita. But, at almomst 46, I will take what I get.

I'm glad you nudged me into this, JRo......

Evil Twin

Joanne said...

Fantastic! I'm so proud of you, Mary!

If you want my opinion, I say wear the booty shorts now. Look hot now, look hotter after the challenge;)

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you through this challenge. We're in this together, sister!

Zen said...

can i have some of that hot damn? you're amazing. i always enjoy reading your blog... and have enjoyed your talent for writing and humor since i've had the pleasure of knowing you.

Joanne said...

Thanks Zen!

I'd spare some hot damn, but since you're fully loaded with the stuff, I'm going to give my reserves to those who actually need it. ha ha!

Btw, KUDOS for saying no to the red velvet cheesecake. I don't know if I have the strength to do that.

Zen said...

oh baby girl... i am always in need of hot damn so you just go ahead and send your surplus over to me. i will accept it with open arms.

you are talking to a recovering sweet tooth here. i am getting used to not eating my chocolate, cake, and cookies. i will confess one thing i WILL not give up and that is my coffeemate creamer with my morning coffee. that satisfies my sweet tooth for the time being. i will say this - as soon as this challenge is over, i'm marching my better looking naked *ss to cheesecake factory and indulging in a huge slice of red velvet cheesecake. who knows, i may be immuned by then and end up throwing it all up in the parking lot. hehehe.

happy paleo-ing j-ro. if i didn't say this already - you're incredible!!!

Joanne said...

Thanks Zen!

I think we should plan a "ladies of One World" dessert outing to the Cheesecake Factory once the challenge is over. It will be a great prize to ourselves. (Okay. I'm being selfish. I'm hoping there will be a good number of us there so that each of us gets a different flavor of cheesecake. That way, I have way more options to sample from. Yeah. I'm selfish like that. ha ha!)

Who's with me on this?!