Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LBN survival guide: assess and re-assess

Here's another dish I made during the holidays. Green beans in shallots, balsamic vinegar, and butter. You can find the recipe here. They were so yummy! Thing is, I stupidly made them the day before. When they made it to the dinner table, they looked dead - like they came from a can (not as lively as the photo). To keep the looking peppy and fresh, be sure to cook and serve immediately.

Here's the last of my LBN Survival Guide. I hope the advice helps!
The Fathlete's Guide to Surviving the Look Better Naked Challenge

At the end of the challenge, assess and re-assess. Ask yourself: What did you learn? How will you go forward? The challenge is not an easy process. With anything in life, it’s important to: stay grounded, be humble, and focus on the next step. Even if you feel like you’re falling behind, remember to aspire to always go forward.

Today's Small Victories
1) I'm feeling good!

Row 1000 meters
Extensive stretching and prep for WOD

CrossFit One World WOD: Deadlift/Burpee
Complete five rounds for time of:
5 deadlifts 155#
10 burpees.

Joanne's Final Time - 9:13 or 9:31 (something like that)

Notes (to myself) about this workout: I blanked out on my time so that's as best as I could remember. For some reason I wasn't feeling the deadlift tonight. Actually, the deadlift is one of those movements I feel like I should be better at but I'm not. Bleh. I was hoping to push it to 165#, but I knew I wouldn't finish in a reasonable time. Again, the search function on this blog is weird because it says that the last time I did this WOD was 2008. I'm sure I did this at least once last year. Anyway, last time I did this in 2008, I did about 140# and finished in 14 minutes. Given that, I think I did awesome today! Also, I did a full push-up (sort of. My burpees should be called floppies. Just sayin'.) for the burpee. I still need to work on those suckers!

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