Monday, October 22, 2007

not so great news

I can't believe it's been so long since I've logged in. Sadly, it's probably because it's been that long since I've done a CrossFit workout. Granted, I do other kinds of workouts and make it a point to hit some kind of gym at least three times a week. In looking at my workout interests, I may seem like some workout fanatic. For the record, I do the following on any given day: CrossFit, Fit-to-Fight, spinning, yoga, belly dance, running, walking. Yeah. I think this is it. I'm as consistent as I possibly can be because as mentioned before, I'm a diabetic.

Unfortunately, I received a phone call from the nurse practitioner that I've been working with since I was diagnosed. The results of my most recent HA1C results came in and they're STILL 6.9. I talked about my previous results here. In truth, I was totally devastated because in the last three months, I was much better at working out consistently and I followed my different food challenges. Granted, I haven't lost much weight. However, I thought I was doing better. This tells me that my body is changing and needs a different dosage of meds. When I see the diabetes specialist, she's probably going to put me on byetta. No big deal, since the reviews are great. However, it is going to be a bit of a financial strain because my rent is going up 20% and now, the cost of this medication 2-3 times more than I usually pay. UGH! Sucks! The only saving grace in this is I have great medical insurance.

All this means is that I have to take this current challenge much more seriously. As with my last challenge, I hit a road bump at my brother's wedding. The rehearsal dinner wasn't challenge friendly, and I've been off the challenge for 11 days. Today would have been the first day of my restart, but I (without batting an eyelash) took a bite of this weekend's leftover pizza. BAD DIABETIC! See how easy it is to fall into bad habits? UGH! Today's workout schedule was thrown off. However, I am gonna put on some sneakers and get some walking done on my sister's treadmill.

Starting tomorrow, I'm back on challenge mode. To help commit to this journey, I'm going to try my best to blog this journey on a daily basis. The daily entries will include: 1) the daily workout 2) my thoughts on eating that day 3) my random bitching and moaning about diabetes. Anyway... apologies if any of this bores you. Today I choose to take care of my health. Wish me luck!


Animae said...

Oh Joanne... I've also been bad ever since the weekend. I have the next month or so to clean up my act before another round of testing in December. Hang in there. I'm in it right along with you!

Joanne said...

You go Mae! Let's do this together! Put that workout woman to shame!