Monday, October 01, 2007

CrossFit One World W.O.T.D.

Row 1000 meters
Stretch session
Thruster therapy

Complete three rounds for time of:
35 tuck jumps
25 thrusters 35#
15 band assisted pull-ups

Joanne's final time - 18:18

And Then....
50 Hollow Rocks (well... my version of a hollow rock)
100 Twisters

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
I haven't done a CrossFit workout in an entire week. I've been milking laziness because my 90 day challenge officially starts today. Yes, I'll write more about that in a bit. Anyway.... this was a good workout. Again, it was one of those where I wish time didn't matter because I think I could have pushed the weight to 45#. Also, I really need to work on those pull-ups and tuck jumps. I'm so uncoordinated with the rope that I don't see myself doing double-unders for a while. Anyway... I actually did the "And then..." but had a hard time with the hollow rocks.

OWMA Quotable Quote
Joanne: Did you wash your hands?
Kirk: Yes.
Joanne: Make Freddy smell your hands!
Laura: Thanks mommy!

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