Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CrossFit One World W.O.T.D.

This is a ring lat pull. Though I did it, I repositioned my feet (slightly bending my knees) in order to make the movement do-able. Eventually, the idea is to place your feet all the way out and do it the way Freddy does it in the video.

I did a 60 minute spin class at Bally's, so I skipped the CrossFit warm-up which consisted of an 800 meter run, stretching, and some other things.

Complete the following for time:
Row 1000m

FIVE rounds of:
20 box jumps 14"
7 ring lat pulls

Row 1000m

Joanne's final time - 21:07

And then...
25 GHD sit-ups
25 33# Good Mornings
25 Feet-to-Ceiling
25 GHD Back Extensions
25 Modified Hollow Rocks
100 Twisters

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
I need to come to class more prepared. Stupidly, I didn't pack my high-performance bra and ended up wearing my standard bra that I wear to yoga, spin, and other non-impact sports. So doing box jumps in a not-so-supportive bra was not fun - especially with guys around. Oh well... (Okay. Yeah. Not like you really need to know this.)

Working out at dawn when it's totally cold isn't fun. But I got through the WOD. Whenever we do rounds, I really need someone to keep tally of what round I'm in. This is because I'm still not sure if I did the full 5 rounds of if I did 4 rounds. I'm pretty sure I did 5, but I could be wrong. After three rounds of anything, I totally lose count. Anyway... this was a good workout and a great way to get some rowing in. Oddly, my second row time (4:55) was better than my first (5:18).

As for the "And then..." I really need to work on those damn hollow rocks!

Crazy Nephew Quotable Quote
Theo: Hey Brendan, what are you going to be for Halloween?
Brendan: I'm going to be you!
Theo: Hmph. You'll need muscles then.

Notes (to myself) about the Challenge Restart:
Not a good eating day today. It's my dad's 20th death anniversary, so to commemorate, I had to sway out of the challenge. I shared a pop-tart with Brendan (you'll have to ask me about my pop-tart story later). It had been years since I've had a pop-tart. I'm not sure if it's because I bought the organic ones from Trader Joe's, but they were dangerously yummy! Plus, it was a good little bonding thing with Brendan. Though candy is actually acceptable in the challenge, I try to avoid it anyway. It was a little tough to do it with all the candy at my sister's house. UGH! Then, of course, my sister and I split a MacDonald's fish fillet and fries in the name of our dad. (Yeah, another story I'll share later).

In fact, the past three days have been off in terms of the challenge. During Sunday brunch with my friend, I had a latke (potato pancake). On Monday for dinner, my mom served fried chicken. I didn't realize she didn't have anything not-fried (don't ask why I was dumb enough to think my mom would have un-fried food), and she wanted to have dinner company. What was I supposed to do? Tell my mom I couldn't eat with her because her food isn't challenge friendly? Filipino moms won't understand and I sure as hell don't expect them to. So I had a piece of fried chicken. Then there was today. I'll be better this week. I'm not sure if I can actually constitute this as me falling off the wagon. Though these were conscious choices, they were do to a lack of options as well as paying a few respects. So do I feel guilty? Not really. Tomorrow is another day.

Finally, that earthquake was crazy! For a minute there, I thought it was my dad paying us a visit!

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