Thursday, October 04, 2007

CrossFit One World W.O.T.D.

Run 400 meters
Row 500 meters
THREE sets of:
Samson Stretch
10 deadlifts
10 shoulder press
10 shoulder rolls (all wooden dowel)
10 overhead squats

Set 1: wooden dowels
Set 2: 15# bar
Set 3: 45# deadlift; 15# everything else

Complete the following for time:
40 deadlifts 45#
40 parallette bar dips
9 modified rope climbs
30 deadlifts 45#
30 parallette bar dips
3 modified rope climbs
20 deadlifts 45#
20 parallette bar dips
3 modified rope climbs

Joanne's final time - 19:54
Note: to see a video of this WOD, click here.

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
With yesterday's modified burpees and the spin workout I did just before this WOD, I decided to go really light on the deadlift (the rx'd weight was 75#). I don't usually do well with the deadlift because it screws up my lower back. Plus, my hamstrings were tight, so I decided to err on the safe side. In retrospect, I should have pushed it to about 55#. 75# would have been way too much. Though I modified the WOD a lot, it was still tough. I'm really weak in the upper body, and it shows when I do the dips and the rope climbs. I'm still doing the bar dips with my legs bent. Ideally, I'd like to have them straightened out and even perched on a box. However, my lower body (namely, my ass!) is so heavy that my weak arms can't hang :( I'm also doing the rope climbs with my legs bent, which is another thing I need to work on. Ideally, they should be straight.

It was great to watch Stef in action. (Note: the woman in the photo is not Stef.) I tell you, that girl is my she-ro! She started going to the studio after me, but she really dedicated herself to CrossFit and healthy eating and it totally shows! She may not like her times, but she really pushes the weight and can do the movements in ways I wish I could. Also, she has a developing 6-pack, which she didn't have before. Kudos to her! It goes to show that CrossFit really works!

I'm not aiming to have a 6-pack, but to do the exercises with better form and to push the weight would be nice. However, I really need time, patience, consistency in going, and better eating. It'll happen in time:)

OWMA Quotable Quote
"Even modified this workout sucks!"
- Joanne

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