Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CrossFit One World W.O.T.D.

Yeah. This is what I usually look like after a CrossFit workout. My sweat angels are nasty! Rarely am I ever cute after a workout. I'm just glad Freddy caught other people in this misery and not me. heh!

Here's some notes from Freddy's October 28th post:

My wife pointed this out to me from Fitness Magazine:

Six Signs Your Workout Isn't Tough Enough

You're reading as you exercise
- I will admit, I'd like to see somone reading the sports section as they climb the rope.

You feel mentally stressed afterwards
- A lot of us come to the gym to relieve all the stress of the outside world. Your workout session presents the opportunity to lose yourself for at least an hour.

Your heart rate doesn't go up
- How many times have you worked out at the local 24hr Fitness or Gold's without even breaking a sweat? Sure you pumped up your muscles a bit and maybe you sweat for the 15 minutes you spent on the treadmill, but look at the above picture. Those folks are SPENT!

You haven't increased your speed or the amount of weight you're lifting in more than three months- Three months?!?!?! I promise you with Crossfit and hard work you will see your speeds and weights go up every couple of weeks.

You're bored- Enough said. Not going to happen with the Crossfit method.

You leave the gym without taking a shower- I am happy to say, that after almost two years, the showers will be operational this week. The sinks are going to be framed up this week and should be done within two to three weeks. The toilets are completely functional in the men's room. The bathroom stalls will be finished in the women's room within two weeks. As one of the owners, I apologize to all our members for the long construction time. We learned a valuable lesson: hire a contractor and pay the bucks to get someone else to deal with the headaches.

Row 500 meters
THREE rounds, 10 reps of:
Shoulder Rolls
Overhead Squats
GHD Sit-ups
GHD Back Extensions
Band Assisted Pull-ups
Bar Dips

WOD: A Truly Scary WOD for Halloween!
Complete the following for time:
Run 800m
10 turkish get-ups - 15#
50 push-ups
Run 600m
8 turkish get-ups
40 push-ups
Run 400m
6 turkish get-ups
30 push-ups
Run 200m
4 turkish get-ups
20 push-ups

Joanne's Final Time - 36: 45

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
This was a tough workout that took forever. If you look at the OWMA CrossFit site, you'll notice that I switched the order - starting with the 800 meter sequence as opposed to the 200 meter sequence. Freddy jokingly said I was cheating. As I said in a previous post, I tend to modify a lot. For me, it's a matter of understanding my mental state. I need to get the difficult stuff out of the way first. If not, I just feel defeated. Call it what you want. For me, it's a matter of knowing your own sanity and doing what needs to be done to finish the workout. Bleh!

Notes (to myself) about the Challenge Restart:
It's Halloween. I didn't break the challenge, but the candy has to stop! UGH!

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