Wednesday, July 28, 2010

more birthdays!

First off, I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sis, Tina. This was taken back in the day when we grew up on Guam. Obviously, it was Christmas... and my mom had a thing for giving me those rice bowl haircuts. Anyway, here's to you sis. I hope you have a great day. More importantly, I hope that husband of yours can go an entire day without insulting you. Should he fail to do so, you know who to call to bust his knee caps with a baseball bat. Don't worry sis. I can make it look like an accident... or a completely random act of violence. Ha ha! (Of course I'm kidding!)
The other birthday celebrant is none other than my dear friend John W. fathlete confession: Just like my post about Brad, I know John W.'s bday for two reasons (1) facebook and (2) his bday is the same as my sister's. It's kinda hard to forget! Regardless, much luv to you, John W.! I hope you're celebrating with all the special people in your life. Tennessee may love you, but California misses you!

Today's Small Victories
I managed to score an amazing deal on a pair of pants that make my a$$ look amazing! Also, I am bold enough to admit that the "Wysong" WOD Chong programmed totally sucks! I'm not in the mood for such torture on my day off. Therefore, my date with the "Wysong" WOD will have to wait til next year.

1 hour yoga

Notes (to myself) about this workout: Since I'm still getting back into the swing of things, I decided to stick to yoga today. Admittedly, yoga and CrossFit are day and night different. In many ways, the contradict each other. The hard thing about CrossFit is being reasonable enough to scale as needed, and being careful enough to not injure yourself. Yoga is more about indulging in pleasure while finding your edge. It's about focusing on your breathing and letting your breath guide you through the workout. It's perfectly okay to scale back or not complete a sequence in yoga, versus in CrossFit, such things are a sin! In yoga, I can feel ALL my sore spots that CrossFit leaves me. They balance each other out and are both difficult in their respective ways.

Today's yoga class was kinda hard for me. Again, it was because I could really feel the soreness. It was draining. I had to stop more than usual. This is because when a pose baffles me, I lose focus, become frustrated, and fall flat on my ass. To avoid frustration, I usually stop, get into a resting position and re-establish my breathing. From there, I catch up with the class. This is stuff I could NEVER do in CrossFit!

Anyway.... I'm a bit sore so today's lite day is nice. Oddly, I'm looking forward to seeing what we have to do in CrossFit tomorrow;P

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