Wednesday, July 21, 2010

fat face?!

You can imagine my dismay when I read this story about Charice Pempengco, a Filipina singer who was recently cast in the second season of Glee. It seems that in order for her to get ready for Glee, the eighteen year-old Pempengco has decided to undergo some skin tightening and botox treatments. Apparently, her face is too big from chewing so much gum. Therefore, her plastic surgeon, suggested the botox in order to relax her jaw. This, in turn, would prevent her jaw muscles from getting gi-normous (yes, an actual word in my book) and would narrow out her face.

I wish I were joking. However, the news clip can be found here. I should warn you that it's in Tagalog and English. If you listen well, you'll get it.

Admittedly, I'm irked more than most because I have a round face. It's genetic and has nothing to do with my mouth-chewing muscles. Also, I hate Pempengco's plastic surgeon, the notorious Vicki Belo. Belo's gum-chewing theory is ridiculous. I can't believe people actually trust this woman!

Today's Small Victories
After taking a break from extreme soreness, I decided to take it light and do an hour of yoga. It was wonderful!

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
After doing a lot of thinking and conversing with my chiropractor, I've realized that I tend to be extreme when it comes to working out. I'm all or nothing. So my next set of goals is to simply aim for consistency - eating as best as I can every day and getting some form of exercise. Small steps will equate to big rewards in the end. Let's see how I end this year;)

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