Friday, July 23, 2010

baby steps

I love all things Wonder Woman. As a kid I used to spin round and round because I swore to the high heavens that if I did, I'd turn into her. My mom has fond memories of me spinning until I fell to the floor dizzy with determination that I would transform into the super she-ro. I have a small collection of Wonder Woman items (mostly generous gifts from people I love) and even own the DVD set of the TV series.

If you're a Wonder Woman lover like me, you'll be ecstatic to know that in Spring 2011, MAC is launching a limited edition Wonder Woman makeup line! Though I'm a make-up artist, my kit is filled with all my essentials. New collections hardly impress me. However, this is definitely one that I'm taking note of!

Today's Small Victories
I've been eating pretty well and have been avoiding eating out. My strategy is as follows: I've been cooking and imagining all the money I've been saving from eating in. It's actually helped! Also, this is definitely the season for produce. Nothing spells salad better than the gorgeous lettuce I bought this weekend!

Today's workout consisted of 1 hour of yoga and 1 hour of belly dance. It's a great way for me to get back into CrossFit again. I can't wait to go on Monday! It should be noted that I'm going to start off slowly but surely. This whole missing class and then going balls out when I return just isn't working out for me. My goal is to get some kind of workout once a day. Again, baby steps!

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