Monday, December 28, 2009

the vegetarian myth

Ever since I saw the review of this book on MDA, I've been curious to read it. However, it's going to take a little time because my reading list is out of my eyeballs right now. I like how The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith appeals to people who currently are or have been vegetarian or vegan for moral purposes (e.g. The idea that killing is bad). In fact, Keith is a former moral vegetarian who is now a full on meat eater. The book seems to be a journey as to why she decided to switch over. I love that Keith uses this book as a personal journal and political manifesto about food and the environment. She seems to have a enviro-feminist edge, which I totally dig!

I like MDA's review of The Vegetarian Myth because he differentiates the moral vegetarians and the elite vegetarians and explains where this book falls. Yes, MDA recognizes how vegetarianism can be about class as opposed to actual health! Keith (the author) seems to make a compelling argument about morality, the environment, and health with respect to eating meat. Granted, I'm not advocating that people give up being vegetarian or vegan, but Keith's work seems to shed some light on the situation. This is what makes this book a compelling read to me, and one that I'm listing on my amazon wish list!

Don't get me wrong. I have no problems with vegetarians. In fact, my roomie is a vegetarian and we get along wonderfully. My problem is when vegetarianism becomes a thing of the elite. In fact, I did a veggie rant here. For me, food is culture. So when obnoxious people like this decide it's cute to make throw-up noises when we're talking about Filipino food, please don't be mad when you find me throwing my f--king shoe at your ignorance. (That's how mad stuff like that makes me: I'll throw my f--king shoe as opposed to my plain old shoe at you!)

fathlete confession: I have issues with ignorant people who make borderline racist statements about food they feel is uncivilized. I hate it even more when they mask their borderline racism under the guise of moral vegetarianism. Can the cool vegetarians (like my roomie) please stand up? 'Cuz I have faith that there's way more of you out there. Thanks!

When I think of this book, I also think of this story that Robb Wolf posted about Lara DeMarco going from vegetarian to paleo. What I take from DeMarco's story is that food is ultimately about relationships (as opposed to the idea that killing is bad). At the end of the day, for me, food is culture. Food is health. Food is what feeds your mind, body, and soul. Food is what connects people (hence why elite obnoxious judgy-wudgy veggies get under my skin). You eat yours and I'll eat mine. Ideally, we should be sharing many wonderful meals together.

Today's Small Victories
1) I showed up to the gym.
2) I stuck to eating at home.

THREE rounds of:
1 minute jump rope
10 slow squats
10 squat jumps
squat stretches

CrossFit One World WOD
Run 400m and row 500m for time. Rest one minute and repeat four more times for a total of five rounds. Record each individual round.

Joanne's Final Time - 5:15/5:15/5:19/5:29/5:32

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
I stupidly did not record my official times, so the above times are estimates. Row/run WODs suck and they suck more in the cold rainy weather. The good thing is that I managed to conquer 100 meters in 12 strokes over my usual 14 strokes. I'm still trying to master the the row.

Life sucks when I workout with no music. Never again will I forget my ipod. Bleh.


Anonymous said...

..or charge your ipod. I have done that so many times and suffered through the WOD!

funny about the vegans.. there are some who are okay about it and others who are just plain militant about it.

my two cents.

-Evil Twin

Joanne said...

I've made the mistake of not charging my ipod MANY times. Music just makes the WODs less painful.

Yeah. I don't want to come off as a vegan hater. I just don't think one's passion about vegetables should interfere with my pleasures.... ha ha!

So.... are you doing the challenge?

Anonymous said...

after two kids and major back surgery tunneling in from the abs, I would frighten away the best of doctors. I am happy cheering you on from the grandstand!!!

PS: as far as diets go, I let the last few days slide and I gained a few pounds. I'm okay with that. Sometimes we need to pamper ourselves. Feeling deprived usually makes me want to dive into the nearest potato chip bag. :)

-Evil Twin

Joanne said...

Yes, I decided to loosen up these past few days because I figured that it would help me be more strict for the actual challenge. Also, I just couldn't say no to my family's delicious holiday eats!

Er. Um. I'm sure that my jabba-the-belly could easily scare small children. But I'm doing the challenge anyway (especially since they're not photographing our faces). Please join me because I firmly believe in strength in numbers :D Just think about it, will ya?

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog because you don't pull punches. You are true too what you believe. I almost said no but then I kept thinking about your series on beauty and my own comment about dealing with life lessons.

You are more of an inspiration than you know. I will take up the challenge; warts, scars, stretch marks and all. I am sure I will find a bit of peace with myself after that.

Evil Twin

Joanne said...

OMG Mary! I nearly jumped out of my seat when I read your comment. I am SO PROUD of you and I'm glad that you're doing the challenge! Here is who I know are doing it: Me, Lori, Roya (a newbie from the last on-ramp series). From what I know, Lisette, Alison, Annie, and Angela (yeah, Angela Lim!) are seriously considering it. In fact, I'm meeting Angela on Saturday afternoon for a final cupcake rendezvous to try to convince her to do it. (Let me know if you and the Nice Twin are interested in joining me in this affair. The cupcakes are small, I swear!)

Finally, THANK YOU for your kind words. I really appreciate it!

Ahem. Oh Nice Twin, will you be joining your training partner?

maria -nice twin said...

*hack* *hack* hairball!
you gals are kill me -in a nice way. i'm thinking about it. i'm sure there will be more arm twisting heading down my way!!

the evil twin is right about you, girl. you are truly an inspiration!
more than you will ever know!

Joanne said...

Thanks Maria. That means a lot to me.

I will take your coughing as a YES! The twins are in! There's Nice and Evil, and the Chris and Chris duo. Ahem. I'll see you at the nutrition seminar on Sunday! (insert cheeky grin)