Sunday, September 13, 2009

sugar sighting

Sugar sighting at One World. DO NOT TELL THE CROSSFITTERS!

Okay. That was kind of funny. A few nights ago, the Krav Maga folks (specifically Fer and Lisa) brought cake and brownies to the box to help celebrate James's birthday. Those folks are cool like that. I thought it was funny that they brought the goods while Freddy was away and after he announced a ban on sugar in the box. You gotta love those Krav rebels!

To follow up on my last post about Caster Semenya, here is a new story about intersex athletes.

As I mentioned before, I frequent Big Fat Blog and they posted this story about a woman who died because she was trying to lose weight for her wedding. She vowed that she wouldn't be a "fat bride." For those of you who actually read the story, a stone is about 14 pounds. Samantha (the bride) was about 244 pounds when she decided to go on the LighterLife diet plan. Apparently, this diet plan only allows you less than 600 calories per day. Samantha lost over 40 pounds and shaved 5 points off her BMI rating, but ended up collapsing and dying. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones.

Though I've never been a bride, I do understand the anxieties about having to look good at a wedding. It's quite ridiculous, actually. When I was eighteen, a family member kicked me out of my cousin's wedding party because I was too fat for the bridesmaids dress. I was told that it was for my own good because I didn't want to be the only fat one in the wedding party and embarrass the family. Besides, there were pictures to consider. It hurt. But at eighteen, I let this well meaning family member get the best of me and I agreed to not be in the wedding.

When I turned thirty, I was asked to be in another cousin's wedding party. I accepted. However, this same well meaning family member asked that I reconsider my decision. Again, the concern was that I was too fat and that the other members of the wedding party were at least half my size (literally). At eighteen, I allowed myself to get bullied by low self esteem and self hatred. At the age of thirty, I wasn't going to have it. I stayed in the wedding party and worked that bridesmaids dress as best as I could. To "reconsider" my decision to be in the wedding party would have been the embarrassment to me. Plus, age has taught me better.

Moral of the story is, love yourself first. Those who matter will honor you for the amazing things you have to offer. Everyone else can simply go to hell. To celebrate fitness in all sizes, here is a Fat and Fit pictorial from Newsweek. Enjoy!

Row 500 meters

CrossFit One World WOD
Starting with your max snatch and then moving on to your max clean and jerk:

70% x 3; 75% x 2; 80% x 1; 85% x 1; 80% x 1; 75% x 1

Snatch: 38/40/42/45/42/40
Clean & Jerk: 53/55/58/62/58/55

Notes (to myself) about this workout: These are rough estimates of the weight I did. I really liked this WOD and I was glad to make it back to Jason's oly lifting class (kudos!). I've really missed it. Form is such a big issue for me. I was really happy with my performance today. However, I also felt a little frustrated because I knew I could lift so much more. Sigh. Practice. Practice. Practice.

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