Monday, September 28, 2009

in l-o-v-e

I promise I'll be back in the box tomorrow. Seriously. I will.

Naturally, I must share some articles that I find completely fascinating (or remotely interesting). Here's one that states if you're trying to lose weight (or have healthy eating habits) you need to avoid hanging out with people who are thin and eat like monsters. ha ha! My response is: DUH!

While browsing through yahoo news, I ran into this story about Fashion Week. Mark Fast, a Canadian designer decided to feature three plus size models in his show. (Note: Plus size in this context is a U.S. size 10 and 12. In regular people standards, plus size is actually size 16 [sometimes size 14] and up.) Apparently, two of his staff members quit the show because they found the models disgusting. Here is another story with better details and photos. Bravo to Mark Fast. With that, you deserve some BIG fathlete hugs and kisses. xoxo.
This is one of the "plus size" models featured in the Mark Fast fashion show. The other big hoo-ha about having these larger models was that the clothing is skin tight. Apparently, it may have been okay to have these bigger girls as long as they were dressed in camping tents.
This is one of the "standard" models in the fashion show. To the staffers who quit because they found the size 10-12 models disgusting: KISS MY FATHLETE ASS!

On to more love... Below is a clip of Margaret Cho on The View promoting her new show Drop Dead Diva, where she plays Teri Lee, the executive assistant to the main character, Jane Bingum (played by the wonderful Brooke Elliott). In this clip, I lovelovelove that Margaret Cho talks about having a "coming out" to declare that she's beautiful. I think it's a fabulous idea. If any of you would like to throw such a party, please remember to invite me:)

In case you're curious about Drop Dead Diva, here is a little teaser...

I confess that I am in love. L-O-V-E love with the show. I've only seen a few episodes, but it's in my rotation of shows I need to watch on On Demand when I visit my sister or my mom. (My rotating list includes: Drop Dead Diva, Monk and Psych!) I think the show is really interesting because it revolves around Jane had her issues as a self-centered wannabe supermodel who died and was reincarnated into a fat, insecure lawyer. Granted, I take issue with the dichotomy. However, it's a law show and some of the cases they take on are fascinating (like the one where Jane sues a designer clothing store for not carrying anything over a size 10, or this last one where they sued a dating service). I love Jane. I hate Kim. I wish Grayson grew a pair. The Stacy and Fred story line irks me. Finally, who doesn't love Margaret Cho?!


Anonymous said...

Hey J-Ro,

I love drop dead diva. I have that show tivo'd. It's really aweful in some of the scenes where her lawyer character is treated badly while a flashback shows her blond character being treated very well by the same people -all based on look.

I'm rooting for her getting her fiance back but I seriously think he can't see beyond her looks, either...

Did you do the thinly disguised death by burpee (repackged to 5 minutes of burpees, 3 minutes of rest, 3 rounds)? That wod sucked.

See you at the box!

-Evil Twin Mary

Joanne said...

Hi Mary,

Unfortunately I missed the first episodes. I'm sure those scenes you talk about would have made me hurl.

I feel the same way about Grayson. A part of me wants to believe he's a stand up guy and will fall for Jane. Then again, he has that Kim thing going on. Personally, I don't care for Kim - especially after that plus size designer clothing case.

I did the burpees. They still suck even if it was just fifteen minutes!

Glad to see you here!