Thursday, September 03, 2009

hello burpees

This photo is over a year old and was taken in San Diego. This is Mae, my best friend from college (wearing the turquoise dress) and her family during her little sister's wedding. I consider them a second family of sorts. Today I wanted to give BIG KUDOS to Mae because she was introduced to Mr. Burpee. She said that she had to modify them, but that she's committing to doing them on a regular basis for health reasons. Yea Mae! I'm so proud of this gal! Personally, I hate burpees and would do anything to avoid them. That she chooses to do them just warms my heart.

Row 500 meters
Prep for WOD

CrossFit One World WOD
This is a two person team workout for time. Each team member will complete five rounds for a total of ten rounds per team. Each team will get only two bars per team, so pick a teammate with similar strength. One person completes a whole round while the other person rests. One round consists of:

1 deadlift 165#
2 handstand push-ups (modified)
3 power cleans 83#
10 jumping pull-ups

Joanne's Final Time - 14:46

Notes (to myself) about this workout: Kudos to Jason K. (because I just like to do that). I think I should have gone heavier. Next time I'm hitting 185# for the deadlift - at least. I also need to work on my form for the power clean. I'm sure I can lift more weight (I know this because I don't need to squat too much to catch the weight), but my form is off. I totally need a lesson from Angela! My pull-ups still suck, but I'm still trying to learn to hang. Seriously.

Finally, I wanted to give kudos to Tom. He was my partner in this WOD and did the same weight that I did. He's a newbie and though strong, has had to learn some hard lessons with respect to form. The good thing is that Tom doesn't let his ego get in the way. He wasn't embarrassed to do the weight I was lifting - you know, the girl weight. (For the record, I think he could have lifted way more.) Way to go Tom!


Animae said...

Thanks for the link to the Burpee Complex. Will have to try that out. And thanks for the kudos :-) You know you're my fitness role model. YOU ROCK!

Joanne said...

Thanks Mae! You're the best.

I still can't figure out what possessed you to do burpees. ha ha!

Animae said...

I think I was missing those Jr. ROTC days. Yeah... I'm crazy like that.

Joanne said...

...and that's how I know you and I are from the same ocean tribe!