Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CrossFit One World WOD

I lifted this from CrossFit Santa Clara, who lifted it from CrossFit Ventura. These are ugly CrossFit hands. I'd like to avoid them. But it looks like I can't hide anymore. I have to throw in the gloves and say hello to the callous. Boo!

Run 1.1 miles

Complete five rounds for time of:
21 kettlebell swings 35#
15 push-ups
9 knees to elbows

Joanne's Final Time - 18:50

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
I thought this was going to be okay. It wasn't. By round four I wanted to poke my eyes out. But I hung in there. Today was a sad day because I realized that I have to bid good-bye to my gym gloves and say hello to ugly CrossFit hands. If you know me, you know that photos will be on their way soon. But for now, I'm mourning the loss of my gloves. (Tear.)

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