Monday, November 10, 2008

CrossFit One World WOD

I know it's late, but here it is... my Halloween photo where I dressed up as Ugly Betty. Okay, Ugly Betty sans the braces. Anyway... I think I did a pretty good tribute, huh? I was sad because I saw a guy dressed as the Globo Gym guy and so wanted a photo for the One World site. Oh well. The intentions were there.

Run 1.1 miles

WOD: "Twenty-One"
Complete the following for time:
20 push-ups/1 sit-up
19 push-ups/2 sit-ups
18 push-ups/3 sit-ups
17 push-ups/4 sit-ups
16 push-ups/5 sit-ups
15 push-ups/6 sit-ups
14 push-ups/7 sit-ups
13 push-ups/8 sit-ups
12 push-ups/9 sit-ups
11 push-ups/10 sit-ups
10 push-ups/11 sit-ups
9 push-ups/12 sit-ups
8 push-ups/13 sit-ups
7 push-ups/14 sit-ups
6 push-ups/15 sit-ups
5 push-ups/16 sit-ups
4 push-ups/17 sit-ups
3 push-ups/18 sit-ups
2 push-ups/19 sit-ups
1 push-up/20 sit-ups

Joanne's Final Time - 43:50

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
It's been three weeks and this was a tough WOD to come back to. I did full push-ups and abmat sit-ups with a weight holding my feet down. I don't know what came over me, but it took me forever to finish! I does make a difference when you do it without the modifications.

Since I last wrote, I've been slowly easing into the zone diet. I did great for breakfast but broke for lunch by eating at an Indian restaurant. Big mistake. Now I need to make a note to self about that. No matter how great Indian food sounds, it's really not good for me. I felt like I wanted to fall over after the meal. Boo! I then had my standard latte (Screw giving up the dairy thing. I can't live without my latte.) Before I knew it, I had to prep for my workout by having my shake. Afterward, I had my post WOD shake and that's that.

Getting back on the workout train is hard, but it has to be done. I need to start training for the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon that happens in February. Technically, I should be training now. So I'm getting back on the workout bandwagon. Wa-hoo.

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