Wednesday, October 01, 2008

CrossFit One World W.O.T.D.

I lifted this image from the main site. Yeah. Across the nation there are some crazy CrossFitters out there! Beware!

1 hour of yoga

Run 5K

Pace - 12:08
Time - 37:49

Work on 18" box jumps and kipping pull-ups

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
I'm glad we got to run today because I haven't done a long run in two weeks. Yeah. Terrible. I'm training for a half marathon and I haven't run in two weeks. I'm not worried because it's normal for people to slack and come back strong. But I really should be on it. This weekend is the trial half marathon which I plan on running in San Francisco with my trusty friend Margaret.

The run felt good. I clocked in at a 12:08 pace which is nice. I was hoping I'd be faster, but not bad considering I haven't run long distances. Also, please note that I interval run: 4 minute run, 1 minute walk, which makes this a pretty decent showing. I started the run before 6:30pm and had to beat the dark. There was a lot of wind and I forget how that can slow you down. Oh well.

After the run, I headed to One World because Eric said we'd work on me having a higher box jump and we'd start on my pull-ups. I'm happy to say that I can do an 18 inch box jump. It's hard and requires more concentration and I'm slower at it than when I do the 12 inch jump. But I'm glad to graduate from the blue to the red box. Yea for me.

The pull-up was a different story. For now, I just need to hang. Hanging from a bar like a monkey isn't so bad. I just have to hang and get used to supporting my body weight (though not as heavy as before, it's still pretty damn heavy). I can hang for maybe five seconds. From there, I have to work on swinging and then move on to trying to do the pull-up. It will take a while (like MONTHS), but I hope to do at least one by Valentine's day. At least that's my goal for now. I may have to push it back to Easter. Hmph.

My least favorite part of the pull-ups are the callouses that form on your hands. Ew! I usually wear gloves, but I can see how your grip is better without them. I need to come up with a solution to having callous-free hands. Suggestions? (I know. Don't do pull-ups. Nice try.)

Special thanks to my coach Eric for pulling me through the box jumps. Yea. I did it!

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