Tuesday, October 07, 2008

CrossFit One World WOD

Old Skool Style. This is me sometime in 2006 doing box jumps. I'm happy to say that I've recently graduated to the red 18" box. It's a struggle, but I'm trying to manage. Yea me.

Run 1.1 miles

Complete ten rounds of the following for time:
Run 200m
10 burpees

Joanne's Final Time - 27:47

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
Any WOD that includes burpees sucks. Period. It's getting darker earlier and the weather is getting colder and it's been harder to want to workout. I didn't confirm meeting with Eric and it looks like he took the night off because of extreme soreness from James's class. Yeah. Rest is always in order. That's what last week felt like to me.

So yes, tonight's WOD simply sucked. But I finished. It's not fun doing the stuff alone, but I don't know. I can't seem to get myself into a class. I just hate the competitiveness of it all. I need to think about it. Hmph.

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