Monday, October 13, 2008

CrossFit One World WOD

Freddy posted this a few days ago and I thought I'd share it since I did this particular hero WOD today. Condolences to the family and friends of Officer Brad Moody.

Richmond Police Officer Brad Moody, 29 years of age and an 8 year employee with the Richmond Police Department, was involved in a single patrol-car accident Saturday morning (Oct. 4), shortly before 8 a.m. on Marina Bay Parkway just north of Regatta Blvd. in the City of Richmond. Officer Moody's vehicle struck a utility pole in the median while responding to a call that involved a felony assault with injuries. It had been raining a short time before the call and roads were slick.

After heroic efforts at the accident scene involving several members of the Richmond Police and Fire Department, as well as several PG&E employees, Officer Moody was transported to John Muir Trauma Center in Walnut Creek , where it was determined that his injuries were not life-survivable. At 2:45am on October 7, 2008, Officer Moody was removed from life support and passed away.

Officer Moody is survived by his wife, Susan, and his two young daughters. Officer Moody was a K-9 officer with the department and his dog "Rico" survived the accident and is recovering from minor injuries. Officer Moody was also a member of the RPD SWAT Team. Brad was held in the highest regard by his peers.

Brad was a great friend to One World members Mike Mahaney and Silvia Haro. They have purchased wristbands that we will be selling at One World for $5 each. All proceeds will go to the family. Please feel free to sell wristbands to your family and friends.

A fund to benefit the Moody family has been established at Mechanic’s Bank. Donations may be made to the “The Memorial Fund for Officer Brad Moody” and dropped off at any Mechanics Bank location. They can also be mailed to:

Mechanics Bank
3170 Hilltop Mall Rd.
Richmond,CA 94806

It's time to step up to the plate One World and all who visit this website! Dig deep and help this family out.

Run 1.1 miles (my time was 11:36, a new PR!)
Three rounds of:
10 Shoulder rolls
10 Overhead squats
Samson Stretch
10 hanging knees-to-elbows

Complete the following for time:
Row 500m
50 push-ups
Row 500m
50 squats
Row 500m
50 burpees
Row 500m

Joanne's Final Time - 27:00

Notes (to myself) about this workout:
I've been out of commission for three days, so this was a hard one to come back to. It was either this or "virtual shoveling" which didn't make it any better. I've been wanting to do this since Freddy posted because doing a hero workout in honor of someone local is just a little more meaningful. Granted, I don't know Officer Moody, but I did see the news coverage of this accident.

I'm not sure what was wrong with me tonight, but I couldn't row for the life of me. I really need some rowing tips because I feel like the harder I work, the slower I go. It sucks! I thought I was doing good time. In fact, I was at about 14 minutes up until the burpees. Oh those damn burpees! I hate those damn burpees! I ever had a signature WOD, (which I actually did have!), I'd never do burpees! EVER! I think the burpees took me a good ten minutes, which is why my final time was exactly 27 minutes. I hate you burpees. I hate you so much!

On a lighter note, I did do a new PR with my 1.1 run. Wa-hoo! Eric wants me to time every warm-up run. Personally, I don't like doing that because it takes the joy out of running and warming up for me. I think I'll time myself every Monday. I'm also working on my kipping pull-up and am the very baby stages of it. Currently, I'm just trying to hang on the bar to support my body weight. Um, I'm lucky if I can get five to ten seconds of that. I'm developing the ugly CrossFit hands even with gloves! Sucks! But I can manage my personal version of a hanging knees-to-elbows, something I couldn't even think of doing a few months ago. I'll get there. Pull-ups here I come!

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