Monday, October 20, 2008

crazy Sunday

Random Friend/Stranger/Person (RF/S/P): So Joanne, how was your Sunday?

Fierce Female Fathlete (FFF): Fine. It was just fine. It started when I woke up at 3:30am to get ready for a bridal gig. I met the bride at 4:30am and did her makeup.

(RF/S/P): OMG. That's so early in the morning!

Fierce Female Fathlete (FFF): Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. So I got home at about 6am and had a killer headache. I took a nap which was supposed to only be a half hour. But I overshot my nap and woke up at almost 8am. I dressed up and headed over to Berkeley to pick up Margaret. We committed to running the Nike Women's Half Marathon earlier this year and today was race day. Yeah. I had a wedding gig and a half marathon. Don't ask questions. But here are the finish photos!

This is the not-so-sexy me in a sweaty post 13.1 mile run mess. Yeah. Whatever.

And this is Margaret who by the time took this photo had some time to rest, stretch, hydrate and dream about the post-meal. Hence, why she looks way more sane than I do. Boo! I hate you!

(RF/S/P): Er. Um. What the hell kind of race was that? Where are all the Nike+ people and the cool mylar sheets they wrap you with to keep warm? What about the schwag?

Fierce Female Fathlete (FFF): Alright. Alright. Damn! Such questions! Each year the Nike Women's Half/Marathon gets harder and harder to get in to, so they do it by a lottery system now. Unfortunately, I didn't get in through the lottery. (Ahem. Personally, I think the thing was rigged!) So Nike offers another alternative if you want to run and benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. You pay a smaller race fee and log in your miles through the Nike+ system (personally, I have the sportband, but you can do it through your ipod nano). You have a week after the race to log your miles. From there, the lovely people at Nike will mail you your schwag. Satisfied?

(RF/S/P): Damn. No large gathering in San Francisco? No chocolate mile? Sucks for you.

Fierce Female Fathlete (FFF): Whatever. Don't rub it in. I still get a Tiffany keychain and you don't!

(RF/S/P): Word. So what did you do to celebrate the run?

Fierce Female Fathlete (FFF): We headed over to Union City to munch on delicious Filipino food. Margaret has this thing for lechon kawali. For the record, my limit is about 3-4 pieces. After that I feel like throwing up. It's just a gag reflex from all the fried fatty food I guess. Wanna see pictures? Go ahead. Look!

Oh lechon kawali. How do I love thee? (Um your eyes aren't fooling you. The photo is blurry. Apparently, Margaret got the shivers when the lechon came around and this photo was a simple casualty of hunger.)

My case of the shakes wasn't as bad. So here's Margaret diving in. Yeah. Enough said.

(RF/S/P): Wow. You had one hell of a day!

Fierce Female Fathlete (FFF): I'm sorry. Did I say that the day ended there? Oh hell no! I went home, showered, dropped Margaret off to bart and did the second part of my makeup gig. I was at the bride's place by 4:30pm. Yeah. That's right. I met her at 4:30am and 4:30pm. After her makeup application I went to my sister's house, took a nap and headed to the wedding reception. I got home after 10pm and conked out on my bed. That was the end of my day!

(RF/S/P): Dang!

Fierce Female Fathlete (FFF): Yup. Make-up application. Check. Half marathon. Check. Greasy food for fuel? Check. Make-up application two. Check. Post wedding par-tay? Check check. That's right bitches. This fathlete is fierce!

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warrior said...

i say yes to half marathons and no to lechon kawali. i'm sooo over pig fat.