Sunday, October 05, 2008

almost 13 miles

This is a photo of JD that was taken during the infamous century game. Yeah. This is what my trial half marathon felt like. after mile 9, I just wanted to kneel down and pray and hope I'd make it today. (ha ha ha)

I've been sick for the past week and the last thing on my mind was the trial half marathon. Meaning, I didn't carbo-load the days before and I didn't pay attention to proper hydration (but I was properly hydrated because I'm trying to shake whatever this thing is I've got). I worked a long day on Saturday and when I got up on Sunday I didn't eat a proper pre-run meal. In short, I did all the stuff you shouldn't do before running higher mileage. I was good up until mile nine, heading into mile ten. In fact, miles six to nine were great. I was really energized. But by the time I took the break at my car, I could hear my stomach growling. I should have listened to my spider senses and stopped right there or opted to go for lower mileage. But I really wanted to get as close to 13 miles as possible. Big mistake. I ended up walking a great deal those last four miles. When I finally ended at 12.9 miles, I did it because I could feel some major leg cramps coming on.

My pace was 13:59 (way slower than all my past runs. It was all the walking I did at the tail end that slowed me down.)

I was exhausted, hungry and wanted my mommy! Lesson learned.

I spent the rest of the day resting my legs. My knees hurt and am currently icing them. I'm so going to pay for this!


Animae said...

Getting sick must have really knocked the sense out of you. You're usually so good at listening to your body. Tsk tsk ;-) Be careful and please take care of yourself.

Joanne said...

Thanks Mae. Yes, I'll blame the sickness too. But I think my ego was the bigger problem. ha ha.