Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the results are in...

I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry. I just
realized that I haven't had a cupcake since
September! (Roya has photographic proof.)
I was hoping I would cash in on my bday.
However, I still haven't had a cupcake.
Nope. Not even one.
Not that I'm complaining... frozen brazo de
mercedes from Tribu Grill is just as yummy.
I celebrated my 35th birthday this weekend. It was fantastic. Many thanks to everyone who sent me lovely birthday wishes. Unlike many people, I always look forward to my birthday. Making it another year is definitely an accomplishment. As each year passes, I am grateful for the wisdom and courage that comes with age. I am grateful to have the wisdom to surround myself with good people and situations. I'm also grateful to have built up the courage to rid my life of useless people and situations. As I get older, my tolerance for b.s. runs thin. It's a long time coming, but I'm glad I'm here. Again, many thanks for the birthday wishes. (Ahem. Pix of the candy tassels to come. haha!)

I finally got my blood test results in. For the last three months, I've been going "as primal as possible". For the most part, everything is fine. My HA1C went from 6.7 to 6.3. With more tweaking of diet and exercise, I think I can keep it at the low six range. Once more weight drops, I'm thinking I can let go of the byetta.

The only other red flag was my cholesterol level.  At my last blood test, I checked in at low cholesterol levels because I was taking Lipitor. This past spring, I decided to stop taking it because I'm trying to just cut the drugs out of my body. (I've also decided to stop taking the flu shot. I didn't take one last year and I'm opting it out of it this year. I haven't seen a difference, so it looks like I'm okay.) My doctor isn't happy about me opting out of the Lipitor. In fact, she logged in another prescription for me. I'm not taking it - especially after reading this post. I think if I just bump up the fish oil, greens, and vitamin D, I'll be just fine.

Okay... so my cholesterol level was at 200 (optimal is less than 200, so that I am at exactly 200 with no Lipitor is to me, a good sign). My triglyceride levels are at 119, which is within range (optimal range is 40-149). The HDL count is also normal, at 60 (optimal range is over 45). Finally, the LDL, at 116, is considered high for a diabetic (optimal range is less than 100; I am at the near optimal range 100-129). Personally, I think 116 with no drugs is a good number and I'm aiming for a better number when I go back in March. Much to my doctor's dismay, I have no intention on going back to Lipitor.

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