Wednesday, December 01, 2010

paleo find!

Oh Trader Joe's... as if I needed another reason to love you so. The other night I made the most amazing discovery. Trader Joe's carries Zico coconut water. For those of you who are all about your gatorade, I say ditch the stuff and go with coconut water. It's natural, paleo approved, and way better for you. Personally, I get coconut water straight from young coconut. (Yeah. I buy it at the local Asian grocery story and chop it open primal style. It makes me feel accomplished when I do it. ha ha! Besides, I love the coconut meat.) However,  if you're looking for coconut water in a pinch, then this stuff should work. In truth, I haven't tasted the stuff. However, the ingredients are: 100% natural coconut water. If this is true, I'm sure it tastes fantastic.

Today's Small Victories
I'm back on track!

One hour of yoga. And then... a warm-up of jump roping and squats.

CrossFit One World WOD
Complete eleven rounds for time of:
3 burpees
7 wallballs 10#

Joanne's Final Time - 10:42

Notes (to myself) about this workout: Technically, we were supposed to do ten rounds, but Eric miscounted. No big deal. I thought this scaled version was VERY do-able. In fact, I should have agreed to go the rounds until Nate finished (at 21+ minutes). It would have sucked, but it would have been a good challenge for me.

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