Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Challenge: 30 days to 35!

I'm turning the big 3-5 next month. In order to celebrate the milestone, I've decided to participate in a special birthday challenge. I'm calling it "30 Days to 35!" Here are the parameters of the challenge:

- In thirty days I will complete thirty workouts.
- The workouts will consist of things I love: CrossFit, yoga, dance, and spinning.
- Each workout will be at least 45 minutes long.

I am participating in this challenge for the following reasons:

Reason #1: At One World, I know it's customary for a birthday WOD to be designed for the birthday person at hand. While I like the idea of a birthday WOD, some of the WODs have been insane. Seriously. If you're going to honor me with a birthday WOD, please let it be a WOD that I actually look forward to doing. It doesn't have to be a whimpy WOD, but it can't be as brutal as 235 burpees for time. Really.... Design a WOD that will push and challenge me, and allow me to feel accomplished. Ahem. Thanks. With that, I decided to push myself. Instead of having one major birthday WOD, I'm celebrating the big 3-5 by committing to thirty workouts in thirty days. I want to celebrate my new age with a new outlook on working out.

Reason #2: I've been in a workout funk for a while now. If you give me permission to be lazy or not show up for a workout, I'll do it. I'll be a lazy ass. This challenge should help me get out of my funk and back into workout mode.

Reason #3: As a self-described "casual CrossFitter," I'm trying to explore the other things I like to do to stay healthy. CrossFit is not gospel. I can't stand these narrow-minded people who, in their love and passion for CrossFit, decide to write off every other form of exercise out there. Love CrossFit all you want, but do you have to shit all over globo gyms in the process? Ahem. When you start naming your children after WODs, you're insane and I refuse to be a member of your crazy club! Different strokes for different folks, people. I love CrossFit, but I acknowledge that it has its limitations. This challenge is helping me touch base with these other interests while allowing me to add more tools to my workout toolbox.

Reason #4: I want to see how this affects my new way of eating! I'm taking my official blood test a few days before my birthday in order to see if eating with a new sense of purpose makes a difference in the numbers.

My challenge started last week and ends on my birthday (12/10). So far, I'm on track, averaging one workout (sometimes two) per day. I'll let you know how it turns out;)


shirlsd said...

i LOVE this! fabulous idea!!!

j-ro said...

Thanks! Actually, I wish I thought of it earlier because then I would have done "35 days to the big 3-5" or something like that.