Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new 'do!

I love Sanjay, the guy who has cut my hair for the past
several years. I went in for a much-needed haircut. Ah, it's
amazing how a haircut can change your life!
Today's Small Victories
I'm back on track with the challenge. fathlete confession: I should confess right now that I kinda' strayed on Monday. My dear friend Christina, who I haven't seen in y-e-a-r-s was in town and I split a dessert with her. Oddly, I didn't and still don't feel bad about it. For some reason, I didn't see it as cheating and I knew I could live without the dessert. However, the dessert became less about eating and more about sharing a moment with a dear friend. For me, the challenge is ultimately about having a healthy relationship with food. It's about getting to know food and cutting the junk out of my everyday life. Having the dessert with Christina was worth it because having this time with her was a gift. Again, it was about an experience. fathlete confession: Later that night I had a smidgeon of frozen yogurt. Again, it was more about having an experience than having a dessert. I still don't feel guilty. In fact, I feel like my body needed a break. For two weeks, I've been hitting the 30g of carbs or less consistently. There have been a few days where I broke 30g of carbs, but still stayed within 50g. There is only one day where I broke 50g of carbs, my highest being 72g (I think). Judge all you want. I still think I'm doing pretty good.

10 minutes of jump rope. I still haven't gotten a double under, but I'm relishing in jumping like a bona fide adult. I know I keep saying this. Sorry. I can't help it!

CrossFit One World WOD
20 reps of back squat @ 100#

A cycle is equal to three rounds of:
5 shoulder to overhead (70# on rack)
10 push-ups
150m Row
Joanne's Final Time - N/A

Notes (to myself) about this workout: I decided to do Monday's WOD since I missed it. Technically, Wednesday is (or used to be) a rest day. With that, I decided to not time the WOD and focus on from. I'm still weak in the upper body. In the first cycle, I was push pressing the weight. After that, I figured out that I really needed to split jerk it up because my push press form was off. It worked well and I got myself into a rhythm. I'm weak in push-ups and I decided that I don't like short distance rowing. By the time you get your pace down, it's over. Boo! After the WOD, I took extra time to stretch out. Yea!


maria said...

Love the new 'do!! It is so you!

Lyn C. said...

Your hair looks great! There might be a possibility I'm moving to One World but I have to touch base with Austin first because I'm in a contract with CFU. I'll tell you the details later.